Muradov is in Prague again and immediately headed to Bagárová. Probably just because of his daughter

Machmud Muradov, a former partner of the SuperStar singer and jury member Monika Bagárová, reappeared in the Czech Republic after some time. And his first steps led to their daughter. But they will probably deal with less joyful matters with the singer.

MMA wrestler Muradov spends most of his time working in Uzbekistan. On Tuesday evening, however, he boasted a photo of his instagram, which he is showing with his little daughter. And he also published a video where Rumia is running happily. In the second video, he feeds him again. It is therefore clear that it is in the Czech Republic. “Yes, I have returned to the Czech Republic, I remain here for the time being,” he confirmed for

Although the MMA wrestler and singer Monika Bagárová recently broke up, they try to get along. Mainly because of my daughter. “Mach and I broke up for many reasons. But we will both try to ensure that Ruminsky does not lack a smile and joy in life,” she wrote on her instagram.

However, Muradov himself declined to comment on whether they had already agreed with Bagar to take care of their daughter.

None of them commented on the reason for the breakup. Monika Bagárová asked the media to respect her privacy. “It’s a thing that hurts and it’s not easy to talk about it. There has never been anything more than love and family for me, “added Bagárová.

Fans of the young couple were surprised by the breakup. Some then blamed Muradov for preferring work over family.


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