Municipality of Florida alerts neighbors to close their doors and enter pets for loose cougars in the commune


From the municipality of the commune of La Florida, in Santiago, they have asked the neighbors to “close their doors and enter their pets”, this after the presence of a loose cougar was detected in the Alto Macul sector.

To the place, they indicate, personnel from the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG) are already on their way to try to capture the animal and move it to its natural environment in the mountains.

If they see it, they warn, they should not chase it, but give notice to the number 1416.

“It is not a naturally dangerous animal but it is better to prevent,” they said on Twitter.

As detailed by the mayor of the commune, Rodolfo Carter, at 24h, They received the alert from the neighbors about the presence of the cougar around noon. As indicated, by the images that they have been able to see everything would indicate that it is a puppy, and that probably due to the presence of snow in the mountain range, must have been lost looking for food.

This is not the first time that one of these animals has been found in residential areas of the capital. Four days ago, another cougar was sighted in Lo Barnechea, to be later captured. and transferred to the National Zoo.

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