Municipalities with more and less vaccination against covid-19 in Colombia – Data

To date, only two out of five municipalities in the country will be able to eliminate, as of March 1, the use of masks in outdoor spaces. This because only 451 of the 1,121 in the country reached the goal of vaccinating 70% or more of its population with complete scheme, as determined by the National Government this week.

The rest of the municipalities, equivalent to 60% of the country, are still on the ‘waiting list’; and although many are very close to achieving the goalthere are other territories that cause concern due to their very low coverage of vaccination against covid-19.

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The most complex case is Pacoa, in the municipality of Vaupés. There, according to the database of the Ministry of Health, not one of its 4,649 inhabitants registers having received at least one biological vaccine. They are followed by Papunahua (Vaupés), Cumaribo (Vichada), El Litoral de San Juan (Chocó) and Pana Pana (Guainía) as the five municipalities with the worst percentage of vaccination in Colombia. None of them reaches 10% coverage.

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When analyzing the data, it is striking that several of the municipalities where the percentage of vaccination does not even reach 20% are located in Chocó, Cauca, Vichada, Putumayo, Amazonas and Guainía. In these regions, moreover, there is a greater presence of indigenous and Afro-Colombian populations than in other regions.

The data contrasts with other municipalities where vaccination coverage even exceeds 100% of its inhabitants. This is the case of Yacuanquer, where 223% of complete schemes (24,478) are reported for its 10,955 inhabitants. They are followed by Sanctuary in Risaralda (167.7%); Villarrica (156.7%) and Suárez (152.4%), in Tolima; and Obando (148.5%), in Valle del Cauca.

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of the departments, San Andrés is the one that already has its two municipalities above 70% coverage. As for those with the highest percentage of their municipalities with this indicator satisfied, Quindío follows (92% of the territory with this coverage), Boyacá (89%), Cundinamarca (67%) and Risaralda (64%).

As for the laggards, Córdoba and Guaviare lead. There, according to the most recent data from the Ministry of Health, none of its 30 and 4 municipalities, respectively, exceed 70% of the population with complete vaccination schemes against covid-19.

The progress of Boyacá is striking in the data. Taking into account that it is the second department with the most municipalities in the country, 123, it has achieved a coverage of more than 70% in 110 of them; that is, in 89% of its territory. The data can be contrasted with Antioquia, for example, which has 125 municipalities and coverage greater than 70% in 43 municipalities.

see in this table if your municipality, or the one of your interest, already has a coverage of more than 70% in complete schemes.


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