Municipalities – Potsdam – Corona umbrella: 550 million euros in aid planned for municipalities – politics

Potsdam (dpa / bb) – According to the proposal by Finance Minister Katrin Lange (SPD), the rescue package for the Brandenburg municipalities should amount to just under 550 million euros. This emerges from a document that the German Press Agency presented on Friday. Almost half of this, around 267 million euros, is intended to compensate for tax losses by the municipalities. According to the minister’s proposal, the country wants to take over half of the failures this year and two thirds in the coming year.

According to these plans, around 212 million euros from the municipal rescue package are intended to cushion shortfalls in income from the municipal financial equalization scheme, which arise as a result of falling taxes. Almost 71 million euros are intended to compensate for additional municipal expenditure and loss of income. This involves a compensation fund for individual aid, especially for municipalities, as well as flat-rate compensation for districts and urban districts.

The protective umbrella for municipalities should extend from this year to 2022. The cabinet and the state parliament are still discussing the proposal. According to the previous plans, the aid is to be financed this year from the rescue package amounting to two billion euros, and in the next year and the year after that from the state budget.

According to the current tax estimate, the country will lack more than 3 billion euros in revenue by 2024 due to the consequences of the Corona crisis. This year alone, almost 1.15 billion euros less will flow into the state coffers. The cities and municipalities had calculated a shortfall in income of up to 913 million euros in April.

The federal government is also planning financial support for the municipalities. Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) confirmed his proposal for a protective umbrella for municipalities on Friday. He also wants to relieve you of old debts – this is controversial in the Union.


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