Municipal utility: Hamburg Energie drastically increases prices

Hamburg Municipal utility

Hamburg Energie drastically increases prices

Heating will soon become even more expensive for Hamburg Energie's customers.  The supplier has announced price increases for gas and electricity.

Heating will soon become even more expensive for Hamburg Energie’s customers. The supplier has announced price increases for gas and electricity.

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For a long time, the municipal utility has kept electricity and gas prices stable. But now Hamburg Energie announces strong price increases for its customers. The standard gas tariff, for example, will rise by more than 150 percent on January 1.

AIn early January, customers of the Hamburg Energie utility will face steep price increases for electricity and gas. “So far, Hamburg Energie has been able to absorb the massive increase in energy costs for its customers in recent months, thanks to the long-term energy supply,” a Hamburger Energiewerke statement said Wednesday. However, this could not continue.

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“As energy prices at trading venues have risen by 650 percent for electricity and 600 percent for gas since mid-2021 and as surcharges and, in particular, grid tariffs have been increased, so has Hamburg Energie must adjust prices starting January 1st, 2023. ” aid measures provided by the federal government, which according to Hamburg Energie should also benefit customers.

18 instead of 7 cents for gas

In the standard “Elbstrand” green electricity tariff, the working price would have increased from 30.53 to 49.95 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) and the base price increased from 10.90 to 13.30 euros per month. In the standard “Alsterufer” gas tariff, the working price increases from 7.45 to 18.74 cents per kWh and the base price increases from 9.25 to 9.67 euros per month.

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For an average family with two people and an annual consumption of 2,500 kWh of electricity and 18,000 kWh of gas, the annual bill for 2023 is approximately 3,489 (2022: 1,452) euros for gas and approximately 1,408 (894) euros for electricity. For consolidated customers, the increases are to be mitigated with a loyalty bonus of 140 euros each for electricity and gas.

The gas price brake envisaged by the government is expected to take effect by March at the latest. Households and small businesses will receive a guaranteed gross gas price of 12 cents per kWh for 80% of their current consumption. The contract price should apply to the remaining 20 percent of consumption.

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A brake on the price of electricity should also come into effect from January. As with the gas price brake, a base share of 80 per cent of previous consumption must be made available to households at a gross price of 40 cents per kWh. For the calculation of the model, this would reduce the annual additional charge for electricity by € 199 and for gas by € 971.

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