Municipal. “Tonight we are disappointed,” says Sibeth Ndiaye

The government spokesperson, Sibeth Ndiaye, announced this Sunday June 28 on France 2 of the ” disappointment “ of the majority, who recorded scores sometimes “Extremely disappointing” because of its « divisions » during these municipal.

“Tonight we are disappointed, because there are places, you mentioned Lyon just now, when our own internal division led us to extremely disappointing scores”, she said, saying that ” In the coming months “, the Republic on the move could “(Allow) this kind of division”.

The city of Lyon was conquered by environmentalists led by Grégory Doucet, according to estimates published at the end of the election, facing Gérard Collomb’s dolphin, Yann Cucherat (LR), from whom La République en Marche had withdrawn its support.

“We are a very young political movement”

Sibeth Ndiaye, however, put LREM’s defeat into perspective by emphasizing the youth of the movement: ” in 2014 […] we did not exist. The Republic on the Move is a party that has existed for four years now “she said, noting the “Very high premium for leavers” in this ballot.

Brune Poirson, Secretary of State for Ecological Transition, spoke about “Nuanced results” obtained by LREM, with “On the one hand, great victories, on the other […] failures “. “We are a very young political movement “, She also underlined.



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