Municipal Reggio Calabria, the DATA of the lists: 11% head to head between Forza Italia and Pd. Klaus Davi also crosses the threshold [LIVE]

22 September 2020 17:08

Reggio Calabria municipal, live ballot: the first data on the lists

When we are a 67 sections scrutinized out of 218, the picture of the results of the first round of the municipal elections of Reggio Calabria is increasingly clear: Falcomatà e Minicuci will go to the ballot, with the outgoing just over 36% and the challenger of the center right al 33%. Third place for Angela Marcianò which is al 14%, then Saverio Pazzano al 7,6% e Klaus David al 4,8%. All these candidates would be able – in the light of current data – to enter the city council (one seat for Angela Marcianò, one for Saverio Pazzano and one for Klaus David), thanks to the overcoming of 3% also by the lists.

They stay out instead Fabio Foti with the 5 Star Movement (2%) e i vari Tortorella, Putortì e Siclari, all with less than1%.

In the main coalitions, the challenge for the first party stands out: they play it Come on Italy (11,51%) e Pd (11.27%). In the center right we have Brothers of Italy all’8,5%, la League to 4.8% and above 3% also Let’s change with Toti, Reggio Active e Minicuci Mayor. In the center-left, however, Of course al 4,8%, Fall in love with Reggio al 4,3%, Article One – Reggio Coraggiosa al 3,8%, Reset al 3,7%, Italy Viva to 3.3% e The turning point al 3,0%.

Municipal elections Reggio Calabria, will be Falcomatà-Minicuci ballot. It will be decided on 4 and 5 October [DETTAGLI]

Municipal Reggio Calabria, Fabio Foti: “5 Star Movement destined to evaporate if it does not take care of the territories; third pole would be over 30% to play the ballot ” [VIDEO INTERVISTA]

Reggio Calabria 2020 Municipal Elections: live counting with all the results

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