Municipal Meteorological Bureau issued a one-week weather forecast: the city will usher in a cold snap and the temperature will continue to drop_Luohe Municipal People’s Government

The Municipal Meteorological Bureau has issued a one-week weather forecast: the city will usher in a cold snap and the temperature will continue to drop

In the past week, the calm and stable weather situation in the city remained stable, and haze occurred frequently. Most of the counties and districts had thick fog below 500 meters, and some counties and districts had lower visibility to 100 meters. On the 21st and 22nd, there will be light rain in our city, the rainfall in the three national rain stations is: Luohe 8.9mm, Linying 8.0mm, and Wuyang 11.0mm. The highest temperature of the week is 21.2°C (Linying on November 25) and the lowest temperature is 2.2°C (Linying early in the morning on November 23).

According to the analysis of the latest weather data, influenced by the strong cold air, the northerly wind was 5-6 during the day from the night of the 28th to the 29th, and the gust was 7-9; the temperature dropped by 12-14°C compared to the previous period; The minimum temperature will drop more than 10°C, and the minimum temperature will be around minus 4°C on the morning of the 30th, and there will be a cold snap. After this cold spell, the temperature will continue to be low, with a weekly maximum temperature of around 9°C and a minimum temperature of around minus 6°C. Please do a good job of keeping warm, protecting stocks and protect from cold and wind. The specific forecast is as follows:

November 28 (Monday): Cloudy with light rain, the wind from the north is gradually increasing up to 5-6, 4/8°C;

November 29 (Tuesday): cloudy to cloudy, north wind 5-6, local gust 7-9, 2/6 ℃;

November 30 (Wednesday): Cloudy and sunny, wind from the north-east 3-4 and from the south 2-3, -3/3°C;

December 1 (Thursday): Cloudy to sunny, westerly wind 2-3, -6/4℃;

December 2 (Friday): Partly cloudy, south wind 2-3, -4/7 ℃;

December 3 (Saturday): Partly cloudy, easterly wind 3-4, -2/9 ℃;

December 4 (Sunday): Sunny to cloudy, north wind 3-4, -1/8 ℃.

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