Municipal building will be an interactive museum of Wixárica art

“Specifically in that space, the project is with SEDATU, we have not talked about another destination for that space, we are talking about a totally cultural space,” reported the chief of staff of the Tepic City Council, Alejandro Galván Araiza

The land that was occupied for many years by the council building, located next to the capital’s city hall, will not be used to house small businesses, as promoted by the past administration, confirmed the chief of staff Alejandro Galván Araiza.

“There are several projects, the most viable is to make an interactive museum with Nayarita art, Huichol art, where all the crafts, painting, plastic arts of the Nayaritas can be exhibited. Specifically in that space, the project is with SEDATU, we have not talked about another destination for that space, we talk about a totally cultural space”, said the official in an interview with Meridiano.

We asked him if that space could be commercial: “the truth is that the market here is on one side, there is already established commerce, opportunities have been given in other spaces for small merchants, they have been given the facilities in the tianguis, obviously We have asked that when the tianguis is lifted, they leave it clean, and they have been willing, but anyway, that is another issue.” Regarding the recent statements by the leader of the CNOP, Francisco Valle Miramontes, regarding the lack of information and a request to arrange an interview with Mayor Geraldine Ponce, and to learn about the aforementioned project that would now leave them out, Galván Araiza clarified: “There is no knowledge, no rapprochement, I don’t know where he brings up this topic because the truth is that they haven’t even approached to talk, we are not aware that he has requested a meeting with the president… I would like to invite all the people who want to talk with their president , that they come and request a meeting and it will be scheduled as much as possible, but specifically in that space, I repeat, the project has SEDATU”, he finally pointed out

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