Municipal 2020. In le Havre “Édouard Philippe is in the caricature,” according to Lawrence Logiou

Figure contested in-house — it was defeated in the primary PS for the municipal to the Haven in 2014 —, Laurent Logiou remains socialist. I have not changed direction. This is why I joined Generation.s and the campaign to defend the ideas of Benoît Hamon to the presidential says the one who has spared neither his time nor his networks for the emergence of the candidacy of Jean-Paul Lecoq, supported by its famous committee of citizens. It is a unique experience in France that boasts that which appears in ninth place on the list led by deputy PCF.

“Édouard Philippe is not serene “

The time when the political parties were right about everything is finished. It is necessary of the parties, but on the condition that they listen to the citizens argues the Sanvicais that totals more than thirty years of militancy in the counter. Would he not have left any hostility in its wake left ? It is our responsibility to build the positive on the mistakes of the past and that is what we have done by building together a program on the basis of workshops, hundreds of contributions, with, in the end, a list where the party members account for a third party. Laurent Logiou refuses to contemplate the same old moons. It is precisely what I find so disappointing in the camp of Édouard Philippe. He himself is fallen in the cartoon by that if we are elected, what will be the return to the city hall of the communist Party of France and The Rebellious. If he waves the red rag, it is that the Prime minister is not serene, judge the responsible of Generation.s. The only tanks that you will see scroll in the coming years at le Havre will not be those of the Red Army, but the creations of all the districts of le Havre for the flower parade, and I’ll take bets that we’ll see more bikes on our streets with many more routes dedicated , advance Lawrence Logiou.

“As a patron of the CAC 40 “

The municipality that we will train after the Havraises and Havrais we have confidence will be composed of seventeen deputies, of which only six will be from political parties. There will be one or two from the PC. The beautiful case that to invoke the “red peril”. All of this reveals a certain restlessness in the team of Édouard Philippe “judge, the former city councillor of le Havre, very hard with regard to the Prime minister and the head of the list of the outgoing majority. Mr. Philippe behaves as a patron of the CAC 40. The Le Havre, it’s his golden parachute. He said to the Havrais that he will be mayor if he does not stay at Matignon or otherwise that he will return in may 2022 [à l’issue de la présidentielle, NDLR]. What will happen if Emmanuel Macron made the same observation that François Hollande, and finds that he can’t win ? The ambition of Edward Philip could then take the step. What is it that will then represent the City of le Havre for him ? Throughout this campaign, municipal, Edward and Philip said “I”.

“A lack of respect for voters “

However, it appears that it will not be there. Be Prime minister and candidate in a large city, it is a lack of respect for the voters “, tackle Laurent Logiou, which brings to the foreground the three emergencies — ecological, social, and democratic — the list ” A Haven citizen “. During the health crisis, what are the public services, the caregiver(s), the garbage collectors, which have ensured the cohesion of the French society and it is the citizens who responded to the emergency democratic by taking their destiny in their hand. Those who are not heard by the government of Mr. Philippe, which has been constantly attacking our public services.

Angry radical

The circle of the Haven of left-wing Radicals denounce “ a simulacrum of the union of the left “at le Havre for the second round of the elections municipal .

On the 8th of June, the candidate of communist, Jean-Paul Lecoq, the PCF and the list “A Haven citizen” denied the union of the left on the pretext of a pseudo renewal of political practices. But habits die hard. On 18 June some of the third knife, have engaged in a sham union of the left. National leaders have apparently refused to come to condone bigotry and hegemonic will of Mr. Lecoq. The co-candidate(s)from the list “Le Havre Ecology” were not invited(e)s. Some continue to think that the interests of the Havrais will certainly be much better defended without their local representatives “, written Michael Baron on behalf of the cercle havrais of the DRC. Noting that
the values that make the victory possible (secularism, rejection of any hegemony of one party, the respect of the voters and of their representativity outcome of the vote, the integration of the defence of the environment and the fight against global warming in the base ideology of the Left…)
are not met the cercle havrais of left-wing Radicals
refuses to associate with this travesty of union and waits for better days “.



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