Mummies with golden tongues discovered in Egypt


Mummies with golden tongues discovered in Egypt

Also archaeologists have found green amulets and 402 Ushebti funeral figurines made of faience.

Spanish archaeologists have discovered two adjacent Saiski tombs in the Egyptian governorate of Minya. Writes about it Egypt Independent.

Experts claim that this dynasty existed in 685-525 BC.

The secretary general of the Egyptian Antiquities Service, Mustafa Waziri, claims that archaeologists also found the remains of two unknown people with tongues that were made of gold.

In particular, remains with such a tongue were found inside a tomb with a limestone coffin. In addition, it had a cover in the shape of a woman.

At the same time, the researchers found out that the coffin had already been opened earlier.

Recall earlier mummy found in fetal position in Peru… She was wound with ropes.

A mummy with a golden tongue found in Egypt

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