Mumbai Indians: The Value and Success of IPL’s Most Valuable Franchise

Mumbai: Mumbai Indians ended the IPL season with a defeat. The defeat was against Gujarat Titans in the qualifier. They came from a place where they thought they would never make the playoffs. A good middle order has helped them win the game this season. But even if Mumbai lose, we know how much they will earn this season.

The Ambani family, the owners of Mumbai Indians, will get crores from the IPL. This is the dividend they get even if they lose. How many people know that Mumbai is also the most successful team in IPL. The team says that it is not necessary to win the title. But Mumbai is leading in that regard with five titles.

Mumbai was the weakest team till 2010. Then they took off. They defeated arch-rivals Chennai Super Kings in three IPL finals. Pune and Delhi were the opponents in the remaining two. Anyway, Mumbai have been every team’s nightmare ever since they first won the title. Rohit Sharma has achieved such a huge feat in the period from 2013 to 2020 in Mumbai Indians.

Mumbai is owned by Reliance Industries. The team is owned by their company Indiawin Sports Private Limited. Mumbai has become the most valuable franchise in IPL in 2022. According to Forbes magazine, the value of the team is 9968 crores. That is a value of 1.3 billion in dollars.

Their achievement does not end here. They make 33 million as income. This will be around Rs 254 crores. Operating income was $5.5 million. It means that 42.17 crores will come. It was through consecutive wins that Mumbai managed to get such a huge advantage. Despite their worst performance in 2022, the team’s value has not dropped.

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A Mumbai spokesperson says that last season saw a double-digit growth in terms of brand value and sponsorship revenue. Mumbai’s revenue in 2017 was one hundred million in brand value. This was the first time that a team acquired in IPL. In 2019, the value of the same team increased to Rs 809 crore. 115 million.

It was the fourth year in a row that their value rose. Mukesh Ambani spent 916 crores for this team. Now let’s look at the brand value of Mukesh Ambani’s team this time. The brand value is Rs 10070 crores. 200 crores increase compared to last year. Mukesh Ambani also earns through IPL broadcast rights.

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