Multiple Sea Houses on Fire in Hommersåk: Urgent Situation at the Harbor

Multiple Sea Houses on Fire in Hommersåk: Urgent Situation at the Harbor

BURNING STRONGLY: Picture from the harbor in Hommersåk. Photo: Tips

Several sea houses were on fire in Hommersåk in Sandnes.


Less than 2 hours ago

Updated just now

110 Sør-Vest has responded to a fire in a building on the quay at Hommersåk around midnight on Thursday.

They wrote that there is a fire in several sea houses and a barge. There will also be extinguishing from a boat.

— The fire is not under control, VG was informed by the 110 central shortly afterwards.

At 01.10 it is reported that the fire crews are under control, writes Stavanger Aftenblad.

— There is a risk of spreading, but there should not be a risk to apartments or houses, said duty manager Christer Gilberg in 110 Sør-vest earlier.

In an update from the police, it becomes clear that a boathouse has burned down.

The police tell VG that they have received several witness descriptions that fireworks or flares have been set off.

– We cannot rule this out, and the investigation will reveal that, says operations manager Dag Steinkopf.

VG has also spoken to a witness who is a neighbor of the quay who says he saw and heard fireworks being launched.

– Shortly afterwards I saw two people leaving the place with something in a bag, says the neighbour.

Operations manager Steinkopf says the police will try to collect video surveillance images if this is available in the area.

Just after midnight, VG asked the duty manager in 110 if there was a need for evacuation:

Right now the wind direction is on our side. We monitor it. If it changes, it will be up to the police to join us in deciding with regard to evacuation

On Twitter/X they write that there should not be inhabited buildings that have burned.

The police worked on extinguishing the fire throughout the night.


Published: 21.09.23 at 00:10

Updated: 21.09.23 at 01:50

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