Multi-Line-Policy (MML) Insurance Insurance

The year is almost over and everyone should honestly ask themselves whether it was a good one or not. The legislator is coming up with some nice ideas for our industry, so commissions will be capped in the future, but you can be liable for longer. Also, the ban on commission payments should finally be removed, a very dubious undertaking from our point of view. This makes stable inventory levels all the more important in the future. Our will help you with this

MIDEMA Multi-Line-Police (MML).

  • The insurance concept for medium-sized companies – insurance for all risks that threaten your existence!
  • Low administration and secure – one policy instead of 8!
  • Simple and extremely extensive – with minimal effort for agents and customers!

The MML concept consists of:

  • Car content
  • Company closure
  • Electronic
  • building
  • Glass
  • Liability
  • Content with loss of income
  • machinery

… and here are the highlights again:

  • 1 policy for up to 8 lines of business
  • Over 900 operating modes insurable
  • Companies with sales of up to EUR 10 million, wages up to EUR 3.5 million or up to 120 employees can be insured
  • from 2 divisions possible
  • From 4 divisions high bundle discounts
  • through written set of conditions with absolutely top conditions
  • Lump sum coverage for liability up to EUR 10 million
  • Net rate, fee rate also possible
  • Free differential coverage for lines starting later
  • Online calculator with the option to sign up online

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