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Aspach’s Christmas tree broke when it was loaded onto the truck. Place des Victoires will have to wait a few more days before being decorated for Christmas. DR

November 15th: my beautiful Christmas tree, we are waiting for you!

My beautiful Christmas tree… Mulhouse will have to wait a few more days to welcome the king of forests, place des Victoires…
The one that the Municipality had to have Aspach taken on Monday could not bear to leave his place of birth… He “gave in”, or at least gave in, when he was loaded onto the truck by the State Forestry Corps teams.
A cousin of his is available in Heimsbrunn… He will be sought after this week and then installed in the place of honor of the city of Bollwerk, place des Victoires (he arrived on site on Monday 21 November, ed). Still in time, for the start of the festivities on Thursday 24 November, the opening day of the Mulhouse Christmas market, and for the first Sunday of Advent, 27 November…


November 16: the incredible Mr. Schlöndorff

Many spectators have been scarred, even traumatised! – from The drumVolker Schlöndorff’s most famous film, Palme d’Or 1979, linked to Apocalypse now. German director of Katharina Blum’s Lost Honorof the Three Lives of Rita Vogt and other notable films, he is not known for the levity of the subjects he tackles and his hilarious sense of joke. Getting to know this great master of cinema from across the Rhine, who has come to present Mercy move Saturday night at the Bel-Air Theater we expected to come across a dour and intimidating character. Surprise then: seated in the cinema hall for an informal dinner, the guest of honor of the Augenblick festival is smiling and helpful. Curly eye and impeccable French, he has multiplied the anecdotes. Like Marguerite Yourcenar – whose novel inspired her Mercy move – demolished his film in an 18-page letter. As Bergman sent him a telegram to tell him he loved it – “but I think he especially liked ‘Margarethe’ in this picture”[Von Trotta, qui fut son épouse et comédienne fétiche]; like Billy Wilder, baffled by the complexity of the Coup de grace, explained to him that, to make a good film, the best was still “a simple story in a simple context”. Not too much Schlöndorff… This Saturday evening, however, the great director demonstrated that he knows how to be simple and knows how to make an entire room smile. Danke schön Herr Schlöndorff…


Shooting at City Hall.  Photo Alsace/Thomas WAGNER

Shooting at City Hall. Imagine Alsace

/Thomas WAGNER

November 17th: “Mulhousez-vous” sold out!

“Mulhouse I believe in it”, the “independent citizen” association that brings together all those who believe in Mulhouse, supported by Frédéric Marquet, who is also a retail manager, has always been able to rethink itself and create excitement, to use a term fashion . This Tuesday evening he tested a new, dangerous exercise: a Facebook program recorded “like on television”. In an unusual place, the legendary former Sala delle Casseforti, reopened, after a long break, with the new name of Town Hall, cameras were installed and the members of the association, shopkeepers and/or simple Mulhousiens played the game, and the role of spectators but also of active witnesses of what is happening in Mulhouse. This filming of Mulhousez-vous lasted an hour, under the conditions of a real live feint, as the program will soon be broadcast on the association’s website and on its Facebook page. It will be structured in short sections, interviews, testimonials, reports and vox pop. A concept proposed twice a year, like a collection, in spring-summer and autumn-winter. Another way to see, sell and understand the city of Bollwerk.


Photo L'Alsace / Darek SZUSTER

November 19: complicated Monday in kindergartens

The Atsems, the territorial agents specialized in nursery schools, continue their social movement started at the beginning of the 2022 school year and marked in particular by four demonstrations in September, open letters and a petition (our previous editions).
The CGT Ville de Mulhouse has presented a new strike notice for its agents, for this on Monday 21 November. The Atsems appear determined and return to take to the streets, and in particular under the windows of the town hall, rue Pierre-et-Marie-Curie, with an appeal launched at 10 to parents for support.
The movement “will have an impact on all kindergartens in Mulhouse”, warns the union. Families will undoubtedly have to organize themselves for the care of the little ones if the class cannot be provided by the only teacher. Through the CGT Ville de Mulhouse, the agents still claim: “one Atsem per class and a solid replacement team, 70 euros net per month immediately, recognition of the hard work and two days of staggered holidays”.

November 23: Beware of fake calendar sellers!

It’s the season: firefighters, postmen or garbage collectors take turns at our doors to present us with their calendars against our good wishes which generally translate into a ticket.
But as always, some criminals take advantage of the opportunity to ring the bell, preferably from the elderly, to extort a few euros from them.
This incident happened to Jean-Louis, 88, and Denise, 85, who live near the Tivoli Park in Mulhouse.
“Someone opened the door to the building for him,” explains Jean-Louis. “He was dressed as a garbage man in relatively dirty yellow-orange overalls. When I arrived my wife had already given him €10 and he gave her a calendar. But we later realized that it was a 2022 calendar.”
Already last year, a man had come to this couple to ask for the room. “He didn’t even have a calendar. But my wife has her heart in her hand…”
However, Jean-Louis is aware of the danger of such visits. “It could be the thieves who are exploring. It would take legislation to be able to identify them. At least the firefighters come in uniform! »

On Friday, Relais-Est's upcycled and upcycled clothes weren't on sale.  DR

November 24: “Green Friday” vs. “Black Friday”

Friday, the day of “Black Friday” in many fabric stores. But at the Relais-Est, the customers of the eleven Label Fripe and Léopard stores (Mulhouse, Morschwiller-le-Bas, Wittenheim, etc.) have not crossed the threshold to take advantage of the sales, but to participate in “Green Friday”! This Friday , November 25, 10% of the day’s turnover of the eleven shops was in fact to be donated to the RespectOcean association.
“Every year 240,000 tons of plastic microparticles are released into the oceans, generated by the maintenance of synthetic clothing and the textile industry is responsible for 20% of industrial water pollution (source: Ademe). So we no longer think and we mobilize! “, explain the executives of the cooperative and participatory company (Scop) of Wittenheim, which today has 170 employees, of which 40% in integration.

November 26: Increase in utilities but still no heating

A rant. This is what Léa, a mulhousienne, wants to convey, relieved by the situation of her in-laws, who live on rue de la Doller, in Illzach, in accommodation belonging to Habitats de Haute-Alsace: “On November 21, they still had no heating! This would be due to a breakdown…” When she calls the landlord, she has the feeling of being taken over and gets the only answer that someone is going to “come and see”. Only, the inhabitants see nothing coming. Even if, since October, the expenses increased by €100!At a time when temperatures are dropping, the situation turns her upside down.
Beyond the minimal information to which she believes she is entitled, Léa finds “inadmissible to leave 70-year-olds without heating of 4° at night, taking on increased rent and expenses”. She also thinks of her in-laws’ neighbors, perhaps the elderly or infants. Above all, you indicate a run-down building, apartments that you compare to a “colander”. “People who live in these lodgings already don’t have many means, but there, in addition, they have to buy auxiliary heaters! For her, it’s really a double jeopardy.

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