Mujahid: There is no intention to cancel the league … and Egypt will face “myths.”

Ahmed Mujahid, head of the tripartite committee that manages the Football Association, denied reports about an intention to cancel the Premier League competitors this season.

Mujahid said in statements to reporters today, Wednesday, “A date has been set for the end of the tournament, which is on September 30th. The local competition is going according to strict controls and regulations.”

He continued, “The Competitions Department is currently working on completing the dates of the league schedule until the 34th week, once the dates of the league are completed, it will be sent to the security authorities in order to obtain the final approval.”

He added, “The sporting merit clause will be reformulated and said: The sports merit clause is written very badly in the list and does not grant justice to the teams participating in the local competition. The sporting merit clause was discussed with club officials during the sessions that were held recently in order to agree to amend the wording. Mathematical merit clause. “

He stressed, “All that is raised about the sporting merit item comes within the framework of ambush, and the wording will be modified in coordination with the clubs, and there is no intention to cancel the league as it is reported from time to time, everyone insists on completing the local competition during the coming period.”

He stated, “The centenary of the Football Association on December 3 and coordination will take place at the highest level in order for the celebration to come out in the most beautiful way. Preparations for the celebration are done in a manner befitting the name and size of Egypt. Committees will be formed and the writer Ibrahim Issa will be used in addition to Dr. Mohamed Afifi at the Faculty of Arts, Cairo University, to participate in highlighting the history.” Egyptian football and the Jabaliya celebration

He concluded, “A friendly match will be held between the Egyptian national team and the legends of the world on the sidelines of the celebration, and many international and public sports figures, symbols and legends of football in the world will be invited to attend the Gabalaya centennial celebration.”

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