Muhammad Saad’s New Series Leaked Video Shows Insults Towards Workers.

Muhammad Saad appeared repeating some words such as “You are a loser.. no one likes you.. whoever does not like my words says.”

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A strange incident took place in the series “Hajj Excellence”, which is starring Mohamed Saad and will be shown this month of Ramadan.

Where a video clip was leaked from the scenes of the work, in which the artist, Mohamed Saad, appears wearing the clothes of the character he presents in the series, but he assaults the workers in the series with insults and insults, without anyone speaking to him.

The clip was circulated extensively on social networks without revealing the occasion on which it was taken, and the reason that led to the series’ hero’s anger in this way.

Where he appears repeating some words such as “You are a loser… no one likes you… whoever doesn’t like my words should say” without showing the person or group to whom the conversation is directed.

Some talked about the fact that Muhammad Saad directed his speech to the director of the series, Abram Nashat, but the latter denied the matter in press statements attributed to him.

The director confirmed that Muhammad Saad’s quarrel was with the production crew of the series, as he asked them for an order, but they did not implement it, which made him so excited.

The director indicated that he had a strong friendship with Mohamed Saad, and that the latter was the one who nominated him to participate in the work, stressing that this incident is the first and last in which Mohamed Saad got excited during the filming of the series.

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In turn, Muhammad Saad did not comment on the video leaked to him so far, and did not mention the reasons that prompted him to talk in this way with the workers in the series.

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