Muhammad Al-Kanhal reveals to “Madam” his Ramadan works and talks about Tash Ma Tash 19

The Saudi artist, Muhammad Al-Kanhal, has begun his preparations to participate in a number of huge local works to be shown in the upcoming Ramadan drama season. These works include parts of successful series, which the Saudi audience is eagerly awaiting.
“Madam,” she met Al-Kanhal, and asked him about the works he participates in during the holy month, foremost among which is “Tash Ma Tash,” and the difference between it and its previous parts.
Al-Kanhal explained, at the beginning of his speech, that he filmed an episode of the new part of “Tash Ma Tash 19” with his fellow artists, and he also filmed two episodes of the series “Shabab Al-Bomb 11”, and two episodes of a fictional series, called “Oloum of the Ancients”, and he mentioned: “ I am still filming other episodes of these three works, and I hope that they will satisfy the audience during their presentation during the holy month of Ramadan.
The Saudi artist revealed what he sensed of the difference between the 19th part of the series “Tash Ma Tash” and the previous parts, especially since he returns after a hiatus of 11 years, by saying: “I felt a great difference between this part of the work and the previous parts, despite filming one episode of it.” It differs in several matters, including the chosen filming locations, the crew, and the production team, especially the director and the make-up, and is also distinguished in terms of presentation, as it deals with new problems that have arisen on the scene, on the other hand, it still maintains the same comic template that the audience loved. Abdullah and Nasser have accustomed us to him, and I expect unparalleled success for him.”
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