Muff Potter – Colorado (2xLP, farbiges Vinyl) * 20,00 € @ Cheap Trash Records

New goods (m / m-)FROM2018Grand Hotel of Cleef

Deutschpunk / Indie Punk

25 Tracks; Compilation; Farbiges Vinyl.

ATTENTION: Minimally chipped cover corner from dispatch on the top left!

Rarities and never heard songs from the entire creative phase of the indie and punk rock band.

Between 1993 and 2009 the people of Münster created a total of seven albums together. Singer Nagel has since published three novels and a picture and text book, guitarist Dennis Scheider became producer, bassist Dominic “Shredder” Laurenz runs an interior construction company and drummer Thorsten “Brami” Brameier played in various groups and projects.

Catalog-No .: GHVC137 (EAN: 4015698023039)

Track list / content:

A1. Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt (Sonnenallee version) 2:32
A2. Goodbye (EA80) 3:43
A3. 23 tracks later 2:52
A4. On my doormat (it says Welcome) 1:33
A5. Hard to be 2:23
A6. The Boat (CHUCK RAGAN) 3:31
B1. Bitter Lemon 3:44
B2. A requiem for a good mood 4:49
B3. Jumping Someone Else’s Train (THE CURE) 2:45
B4. Los Stop Schade (circle class version) 3:03
B5. Away with the 3:34
B6. Speedboat Veterans For The Truth 3:17
C1. Yesterday was already a day 2:45
C2. We can do it differently 4:30
C3. Lost In Translation 2:52
C4. Don’t Try Suicide (TEAM DRESCH) 3:10
C5. Sgt Shortage Shopper 2:27
C6. Hotfilter 2:43
D1. Teenage Kicks (THE UNDERTONES) 1:53
D2. Tears piss blood 4:00
D3. Another song 2:32
D4. Peace Or Annihilation 1:09
D5. Pustekuchen 3:19
D6. Typhus 3:00
D7. Glitzer KZ (Demo-Version) 3:40

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