Mudryk, Ronaldo, Zabarny and 7 more major transfers of the winter window 2023

The last day of January marked the close of the winter transfer window in most of Europe’s top leagues. According to the established tradition of recent seasons, winter is calmer in terms of high-profile deals than summer. We can say that to a certain extent this rule was confirmed this time as well. At the same time, one cannot fail to note the fact that there were some loud transfer bombs. One transfer of Mudrik from Shakhtar to Chelsea is worth something.

But not only Mudrik alone. In the already closed window, several significant transfers took place at once, which will be discussed below.


Age: 28 years
Transfer direction: Bayern → Manchester United
Sum: rent

Getty Images/Global Images Ukraine

At the end of last season, Leipzig’s midfield leader Sabitzer was promoted to Bayern. Then it seemed that the Austrian station wagon would be able to gain a foothold in the Munich team. But instead of claiming to play at the base, Marseille found himself on the bench. Moreover, he staked out this place very reliably, hopelessly.

Probably, he would have continued to polish the bench at the Allianz Arena, if not for the occasion. Eriksen left for Manchester United due to an injury for a long time, and the Mancunians needed to quickly solve the problem with the “hole” in the center of the field. They turned their eyes towards the Bundesliga. Bayern released Sabitzer on loan without much regret. At the new workplace, Marseille will have the opportunity to prove that it is too early to put an end to it.


Age: 31
Transfer direction: “Chelsea” → “Arsenal”
Sum: 11.3 million euros

Getty Images/Global Images Ukraine

With the arrival of Potter to the Chelsea coaching bridge, defensive midfielder Jorginho has ceased to be the Blues’ defining midfield figure. And then there’s the talk of Fernandez joining the team. In general, the Italian Brazilian suddenly felt uncomfortable at Stamford Bridge. And asked to leave.

The bosses of the “aristocrats” decided not to step on the “throat” of a football player who faithfully served the club for several seasons. As a result, Jorginho changed his club registration, but will not change his place of residence: he will remain in London. Although, frankly, it’s very difficult to talk about his prospects at Arsenal now, because Arteta’s football is significantly different from what the European champion played at Chelsea.


Age: 20 years
Transfer direction: «Dynamo» → «Bournemouth»
Sum: €27m + £5m possible bonuses

Bournemouth Twitter

The most expensive outgoing transfer in Dynamo history. And, in turn, the most expensive inbound transfer in Bournemouth’s history (including bonuses). The parties turned the deal very quickly, and both parties were satisfied. “Dynamo” – by the fact that they will receive serious money, which will significantly improve the financial “weather”. Bournemouth – by the fact that, judging by the club’s rhetoric, they have at their disposal one of the best young centre-backs on the continent.

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From the point of view of the prospects and reasons for the footballer himself, one can discuss, because he moved to the outsider’s camp. Nevertheless, if Ilya gets regular playing practice – and he must receive it, if only because of his high-profile status – he will undoubtedly be able to grab his chance and declare himself loudly in one of the strongest leagues in the world.

Jorginho RUTTER

Age: 20 years
Transfer direction: Hoffenheim → Leeds United
Sum: 40 million euros

Getty Images/Global Images Ukraine

Record inbound transfer in Leeds history. The Peacocks, who are fighting to maintain their elite registration this season, urgently needed to strengthen their attacking line. They saw this strengthening in the face of the young French forward of Hoffenheim Rutter. In 15 matches of the current German championship, Jorginho scored two goals and gave the same number of assists. Despite the unenviable, as for the striker, statistics, Hoffenheim highly appreciated their striker. But the price tag of forty million did not frighten Leeds. The parties signed an agreement until the summer of 2028.

GAKPO codes

Age: 23 years old
Transfer direction: PSV → Liverpool
Sum: 42 million euros

Getty Images/Global Images Ukraine

Gakpo was a real discovery of the group stage of the World Cup in Qatar. The young striker of PSV and the Netherlands national team pleasantly surprised not only with high performance (he scored in every match), but also with a bright game. Even then, active rumors spread that the club from Eindhoven would not be able to keep their star. In the end, that is what happened.

At first, Gakpo was “matched” to Manchester United: the Dutch coach of the Mancunians ten Hag was personally interested in the transfer. However, at the last moment, the “red devils” were ahead of another “red” team – “Liverpool”.

To Cristiano RONALD

Age: 37 years old
Transfer direction: free agent

Getty Images/Global Images Ukraine

Speaking in general, the most unexpected transfer of this winter off-season was the transfer of the cult footballer of our time, Cristiano Ronaldo, from Manchester United to Saudi Al Nasr. In this case, it must be clarified that the surprise is exactly where the Portuguese went, because his departure from Old Traford was inevitable.

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KriRo has not been in the Man United starting lineup lately, which is why he publicly clashed with both teammates and the coach. The last straw that overflowed the patience of the bosses of the club from Manchester was a resonant interview with Krish, in which he spoke very negatively about the club and its coaches (both former and current).

After such a revelation, the parties broke off cooperation. Cristiano was expected to continue his career at one of Europe’s top clubs. But there were no people in Europe who wanted to get an aging star. And Ron decided to make a knight’s move: he moved to the Saudi Arabian championship, signing the most expensive contract in the history of football (the Portuguese will earn about 70 million euros in a year at Al Nasr).


Age: 21
Transfer direction: “Everton” → “Newcastle”
Sum: 45.6 million euros

Getty Images/Global Images Ukraine

Everton’s current plight in the standings (the team is in the relegation zone, sacked head coach Lampard) is not least due to the fact that the Toffees very easily part with their leading players.

But easy doesn’t mean cheap. Another outgoing transfer seriously replenished the treasury of the Liverpool club. We are talking about the sale of young midfielder Gordon to Newcastle. The winger has made 18 appearances for Everton this season, scoring three goals.

Explaining the logic of his transition to the “forty” camp, Anthony admitted that he really likes the way both the club and the team are developing now. “I’m sure Newcastle is right for me. Here I will succeed,” said the newly minted Newcastle midfielder.


Age: 28 years old
Transfer direction: Manchester City → Bayern
Sum: rent

Getty Images/Global Images Ukraine

One of the most unexpected transactions of the current St. George’s Day. In the sense that Man City was not originally going to get rid of the Portuguese midfielder. But it so happened that Canselu and Guardiola “beat the pots.” Moreover, they were beaten so seriously that it was not possible to continue further cooperation.

The quarrel between the “citizens” coach and his ward became the property of the press. Both Pep and Canselu tried to make amends for the situation, not to wash dirty linen in public. But it didn’t work out. And on the last day of the window, the Portuguese left City. He chose an equally ambitious club – Bayern. Currently on loan until the end of the season. But the agreement between the clubs spelled out a buyout option – seventy million euros.

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Mikhail MUDRIK

Age: 22 years old
Transfer direction: Shakhtar → Chelsea
Sum: 70 million euros + 30 million possible bonuses

Getty Images/Global Images Ukraine. Mikhail Mudrik

The main transfer saga of the domestic football market in recent years. If we talk about hierarchy in general, then, probably, in terms of sonority, this transition is the second after the departure of Andriy Shevchenko from Dynamo to Milan, and then from Milan to Chelsea. But in terms of the transfer value, this transfer significantly outshone absolutely all transfers of Ukrainian players in the entire history of our independent championship.

For a long time, Mudrik was claimed by Arsenal. The Londoners systematically led the Pitmen’s winger, the Gunners’ mentor Arteta was personally interested in the transfer. But Arsenal was not ready to pay the amount demanded by Shakhtar – one hundred million euros. But another London club – Chelsea – turned out to be more accommodating. And more money.

“Aristocrats” unexpectedly intervened in the “Game of Thrones” and were able to interrupt the offer of “Arsenal”. Mudryk’s transfer has become the most expensive in the history of both Shakhtar and the Ukrainian league. He was one of the most expensive in the history of Chelsea. In any case, in the current window, he held the palm for a long time. Until on the last day of January, the transfer of Enzo Fernandez did not “beat” him.


Age: 22 years old
Transfer route: “Benfica” → “Chelsea”
Sum: 121 million euros

Twitter Benfica

The main transfer saga of the current off-season. The young midfielder of the Argentina national team showed himself perfectly at the Qatari Mundial, became his real discovery, the main young star. Continental moneybags quickly turned their attention to the Argentinean. But Benfica was not going to part with Fernandez.

At first, Enzo himself was not eager to leave the Lisbon club. The Eagles’ bosses were even willing to pay their star defensive midfielder a couple of million euros for “loyalty to the club.” However, Chelsea’s interest was higher than “loyalty”.

Rumor has it that the Londoners agreed on the transfer of Fernandez in early January, but then noticeable problems began in the negotiation process. However, 121 million euros convinced Benfica, and the young Argentine became a Chelsea player on the last day of the transfer window. This transition is the most expensive in the current off-season. Moreover, this is the most expensive purchase in the history of the Premier League.

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