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Qasim Nabi and Daniel Pour Asgharian use TikTok to promote their own brand.


Qasim Nabi had the idea for his own clothing brand for over three years, but during the pandemic he decided to realize his dream. He therefore started the search for a partner.

On TikTok he came across the account of Daniel Pour Asgharian.

– I used to go into his live broadcasts on TikTok and ask critical questions related to suits for men to make sure he knew the subject. To my great surprise, he knew more about suits than me, says Qasim.

Has over 7.2 million views

Daniel has been active on TikTok since the pandemic started, and makes videos about fashion. Therefore, the boys decided to use TikTok to market the clothing company Secamore.

– It turns out that it is much easier to “blow up” or get a big “following” on TikTok than it is on other platforms. The way the algorithm works, it was very suitable, Daniel thinks.

This video is the most watched video on TikToken by Secamore

Their most watched video has over 7.2 million views.

– These are completely insane numbers. It shows a bit of the potential TikTok has, says Daniel.

Over 6000 new young entrepreneurs

Ruby Hammervold (20) also started her company, Alette Cosmetics, during the pandemic.

– There is very little makeup for dark-skinned people on the market, so my focus was and is to create makeup that everyone feels they can use. And I think I did quite well, says Ruby.


Ruby Hammervold started her business during maternity leave


In 2020, there were 6,223 people between the ages of 16 and 24 who established themselves in the business world as owners or directors of a company.

Ruby decided to start the brand while she was on maternity leave. Like the boys, she uses TikTok to market her products.

Ruby says that it has been easy to get exposure on TikTok.

– TikTok is a very nice platform to market on because you reach so many different people, which you may not do on other platforms, she says.


Ruby uses TikTok to market their makeup brand


TikTok is growing

Jan Sollid Storehaug is the general manager of the marketing agency Think Digital. He believes TikTok is well suited to market products and services that people decide to buy “there and then”.

– In contrast to, for example, LinkedIn, which is best suited for marketing to companies because the costs of promotion there are more expensive, he says.

TikTok is most popular among young people and is used daily by 41 percent of respondents aged 18-29. This is shown by Ipsos ‘SoMe tracker, a survey that has followed Norwegians’ use of social media since 2013.

Jan Sollid Storehaug
Foto: Andreas Winter

Storehaug points out that TikTok has functions that allow you to target ads to specific target groups, increase awareness of the brand, build committed “online communities” and get feedback from customers.

You can also provide customer service and answer questions from customers, says Storehaug.

Has not been easy

Many entrepreneurs struggle to keep their business going. Of the companies established in 2014, only 28 per cent were still in operation five years later, according to figures from Statistics Norway.

Qasim says that they have faced several challenges since the beginning. Some have been related to the pandemic, others related to being in the clothing industry.

– People say we have only done something that is quite easy and simple. That has never been the case. Defending a small business like ours and the price we charge has been one of the most difficult things about starting a pandemic, he says.

Ruby Hammervold has since the interview closed the online store temporarily.

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