Muceniece in a lemon bikini showed luxurious hips

The actress spent the day sunbathing. She boasted of a graceful figure without a flaw, showing how prettier she was after her divorce from Pavel Priluchny.

Agatha Mutseniece. Photo:

Agatha Mutseniece lately, he rarely finds time to rest. The star of the series “Closed School” is filmed in various projects, which is very happy. At the same time, she tries to devote the weekend to her daughter Mia and son Timofey. Even fans have noticed that the actress has changed over the past year. After a divorce from Pavel Priluchny, she began to look more feminine. The girl increased her hair and began to wear it more often graceful dresses.

As you know, Agatha tries to follow the figure. She was used to jogging in the morning or evening. The actress is not going on vacation yet, but in hot Moscow she finds places where she can relax and sunbathe. On June 25, the girl spent time with friends outside the city. She put on a lemon mini bikini, in which she first jumped into the pool, and then lay imposingly on a lounger.

Muceniece shared a shot in which she showed the figure in all its glory. She lit up firm breasts and rounded hips.

“I like it when it’s hot,” said the star.

Agatha Mutseniece. Photo:

Fans showered compliments on the artist. The ex-wife of Priluchny amazed the fans with her forms. “Agatha. What a beauty you are “,” Such a chest and a flat stomach “,” Bomb figure “,” Test bumper “,” Agatha, you are space “,” What a juicy girl “,” Somewhere Pasha let a tear “,” They will steal into the Sultan’s palace “,” The figure is impeccable “,” Just don’t lose weight “,” Agatha, this is chic, not hips “,” Oh, what, “the subscribers commented on the post.

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