MU has been overshadowed by the ghosts of the past


Two consecutive defeats in the first few weeks Premier League This season has caused concern in the minds of the players Manchester United. However Erik ten Hag slowly able to bring up the Red Devils.

United only finished sixth last season with 58 points, their worst streak since 1990. They also conceded 57 goals, the worst since 1979. Ole Gunnar Solskajer was sacked and Ralf Rangnick, who replaced him, resigned in the end of the season.

In the Ten Hag era, MU also started the season with bad results. 1-2 defeats at Brighton and 0-4 at Brentford Bruno Fernandes and others occupy the position of custodian of the two games. Shadows of bad luck in the previous season also appeared again.


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But MU then managed to reverse the situation. Four straight wins, including Liverpool 2-1 and Arsenal 3-1. The gray clouds at Old Trafford are slowly disappearing.

Fernandes in an interview with The Athletic admitted that United players were initially concerned that the poor results of the previous season would be repeated, but that anxiety has slowly disappeared thanks to the good performances on the pitch.

“You can feel among us, among the fans, that the situation at that moment was like stepping back in time. Everyone’s confidence was low again. We weren’t afraid, but we didn’t feel good about the ball,” said Fernandes.

“Sometimes I feel like a ghost of the past. Then against Brentford the situation got worse. We conceded easily and suddenly you see the lack of energy in this team, even the confidence decreases.”

Fernandes praised Ten Hag for lifting team morale from adversity. Now the confidence of HM players has returned.

“First, he has an idea. He also has a style of play. We have to follow the rules. He’s very strict about it, but I like it,” Fernandes continued of Ten Hag.

“Bring discipline, something that I think has been lost in the past. Everyone should have the same understanding.”

“This is what Pep (Guardiola) and (Juergen) Klopp have been doing for years. They have stability in the club, move in the market and build a team, which is very important for them to win titles,” he explained.

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