MTA Offers Bus Driver Openings with Down Payments of Up to $ 25.49 / Hour – Telemundo New York (47)

Anyone interested in venturing into the public transportation industry can now apply for a job. The MTA Bus Company published a new vacancy list for full-time operators.

Drivers are responsible for safely transporting passengers throughout the city, they must comply with all MTA rules and regulations, New York State laws, and New York City traffic regulations.

Additional responsibilities include making sure passengers pay the fare, issuing transfers, and writing reports on any accidents or faulty equipment.

Applications for the position, which will be accepted through Tuesday, November 30, can be submitted online through the MTA Career Portal.

The MTA Bus Company operates several local, express, and Select Bus Service routes in Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx, which means Staten Islanders applying for the job must be prepared to work outside of the county.

MTA Bus Company’s JFK, Far Rockaway and Spring Creek area bus operators earn $ 23.84 an hour for a 40-hour workweek, but pay increases to $ 34.06 after five years of service. Operators in the College Point, Baisley Park, Eastchester, LaGuardia and Yonkers areas earn $ 25.49 an hour, but the salary increases to $ 36.42 after five years. The agency did not disclose which routes the hired candidates will be assigned to.

Additional benefits include paid holidays, vacation and sick leave, night and weekend wage differentials, a comprehensive medical plan, and a pension plan.

To be considered for the position, all applicants must possess a New York State driver’s license and a commercial driver’s permit or license.

Those with a commercial driver’s permit will need to obtain a full Class B commercial driver’s license at the end of a special training course for bus operators or their employment will be terminated.

“You must meet the CDL license / permit requirement to apply. If you do not have the necessary license or permit, you may consider applying at a later date after obtaining the license or permit, ”the agency said.

Applicants with prior license suspensions, a history of extensive accidents, or serious moving violations may be disqualified.

Additionally, all candidates will be subject to a pre-employment drug test, as well as random drug and alcohol tests during their service.

Qualified candidates being considered for the position will be required to take a multiple-choice test beginning in October.

Applicants will receive an admission letter by mail, as well as an email, with the date, time, and location of their exam.

Candidates who pass the multiple-choice test and meet the commercial driver requirements will be placed on a hiring roster, which can take six to 12 months to create after the test’s end date.

Those who are added to the hiring list will receive a letter alerting them to their current place on the list.

If hired, new bus operators will complete six to eight weeks of training before they are put into service.

Open here to apply.



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