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JAKARTA – Even though Instagram is a visual-based type of social media, Instagram captions made by MSMEs or online shops that make Instagram a digital asset are as important as the photo / video posts themselves. READ ALSO: Through Samsung Care +, buy a cellphone for Rp1 million, but get services a la Sultan

This was conveyed by Ryan Gondokusumo, CEO Sribu.comwhich is a marketplace for graphic design. According to Ryan, the Instagram caption does not only act as a contextualizer for images. But it also helps show the personality a brand has.

“Through captions, you can share stories, make jokes for change, and personify your business by interacting directly with your followers,” he said.

Ryan admitted that this could be done through a video. “However, the problem is, if it is via video, your followers must be really calm to watch the video. It’s different if you communicate your brand through Instagram captions, “he said Ryan.

People who don’t really pay attention and just scrolling through the feed, he continues, can still skim your Instagram captions!

“Instagram captions also give you the ability to engage your followers. “It can ask questions, spark debate and offer a chance to win a giveaway if people like and follow your Instagram page,” he added.

But why engagement so important? According to Ryan, since 2016 users have no longer seen posts on their feed in chronological order.
Now, the appearance of content on someone’s Feed is prioritized based on that person’s engagement, interests, and the actual time the content was posted.

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“The tips are, more engagement means that your posts will be seen more often by the audience, both at that time and in the future,” said Ryan. Therefore, with the proliferation of brands using Instagram now, your brand must be more prominent than other brands.

How to? By personalizing your brand through interesting, relevant content and interesting Instagram captions.

How do you write an interesting Instagram caption? Ryan admits that he reads a lot of the latest research and combs through Instagram posts from top companies to determine what makes Instagram captions high-performing.

The conclusion is, MSMEs must create information that will lift their posts and increase engagement and reach while still representing the brand. “And in the end, of course, there are more potential consumers,” he said.

So, here are 8 tips that can be used in a content creation strategy according to Ryan:

1. Keep Important Information In Advance
Only the first 125 characters of the Instagram caption appear in the user’s feed. This means that your caption must quickly grab their attention before they scroll down to see more interesting posts.

2. Tell Your Brand Story
You can build authenticity through your Instagram caption by telling a story (story-telling) about your brand that is relevant to readers. This can be anything from a brief company or product history, to a personal story about an employee.

3. Consider Your Text Structure
Instagram allows up to 2,200 characters in captions, you should use around 400 words on average.

4. Ask Questions to Encourage Engagement
You should encourage users to actively engage with your posts, not just skimming. One way to encourage engagement is by asking questions. Questions give the audience something to respond to, so they engage with the answers rather than have to provide an indirect comment.

5. Use Emojis to Show Your Personality
Including emojis in your Instagram caption is a great way to grab interest and personalize your brand. Studies have shown that Instagram posts with emojis have a higher level of engagement than posts without emojis.

6. Include Relevant Hashtags
Research has shown that posts with at least one hashtag receive more likes and comments than posts without hashtag. Hashtags increase reach dramatically as Instagram users can follow certain hashtags. This means that if you use that hashtag in your posts, you will reach users who follow the hashtag as well as users who follow you personally.

7. Use @ Mentions To Increase Reach
When you use the ‘@ mention’ function to tag someone on Instagram, they receive a notification. If they comment on or share your post, it will appear in their followers’ feed.

8. Always Include a CTA
Call-to-Actions (CTAs) direct users on what to do after they have finished reading your post. Where are the best places for a CTA on Instagram? In your Instagram bio.



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