MSI subsidiary sold RTX 3080 GPUs on eBay for $ 1,359 – Computer – News

Starlit Partner, a company affiliated with MSI, sold new GeForce RTX 3080 video cards on eBay for amounts well above the suggested retail price. According to MSI, it was a mistake and the company is going to give money back to buyers.

Reddit users noted that Starlit Partner sold MSI RTX 3080 cards on eBay for large sums. For example, the Gaming X Trio 10G variant was offered for $ 1359, while that card has a suggested retail price of $ 759. Because the demand for the RTX 3080 cards far exceeds the supply, GPUs have actually been sold for that price.

Such high prices are not exceptional on eBay, but Reddit users found that Starlit Partner is part of MSI Computer Corp. That is an American branch of the Taiwanese parent company Micro-Star International. The fact that MSI sold its own video cards for far too high amounts led to many indignant reactions from interested parties. That was picked up by Linus Tech Tips, among others, that informed Nvidia. The manufacturer then said it would initiate an investigation.

MSI admits in a response that Starlit Partner is part of the company. According to the manufacturer, it is an individual subsidiary that sells surplus stock and refurbished products. The company should not have access to new products such as RTX 30 video cards. According to MSI, an error gave the company access to a stock of new cards when it shouldn’t have happened.

MSI has instructed its subsidiary to approach buyers of the overpriced RTX 3080 cards and offer those two options: the buyers can keep the card and get back the money they paid in addition to the suggested retail price, or return their card and the get a full refund. MSI says it will set stricter rules to prevent such a situation in the future.

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