Msc Seashore, the spectacular arrival among the skyscrapers in Port Miami

The new flagship of MSC cruises: Seashore, immortalized in this video upon arrival in Port Miami, the main port of call in the world for cruise passengers, is the largest ship ever produced in Italy and also fulfills the role of ambassador of «Made in Italy »In the realm of cruises, between the Caribbean and Florida.

Made by Fincantieri, the new flagship Seashore also from an environmental point of view is a prodigy of technology. The latest addition to MSC required, from the company, an investment of approximately 1 billion euro which generated an impact on the Italian economy of more than 4 billion, while ensuring over 4,000 jobs for over 4,000 people. 2 years of its construction.

November 19, 2021 – Updated November 19, 2021, 20:11



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