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Japanese male star Yuta (YUTA) came to Taiwan for a period of time. Recently, he revealed on the program that he has not understood why the Taiwan MRT has to ban eating and drinking? “You can’t even drink water!” Frankly said that drinking water or alcohol on Japanese trams is fine, and the carriages are still clean. He even claimed that when he first came to Taiwan, he didn’t understand the regulations of the Taiwan MRT. As a result, he went to the platform to eat ice cream and grab the bag on the spot. He could only watch the ice melt. The host Wu Zongxian then answered the reasons behind it, and even moved out of the Singapore law to shock him.

▲Yongtai said on the show that the Taiwan MRT’s prohibition on eating and drinking made him feel ridiculous. (Left photo/photographed from Yongtai’s Facebook, right photo/photographed by reporter Feng Peiwen)

Yongtai said in “Little Stars and Big Followers” that the Taiwan MRT can talk on the phone but can’t drink water and eat, which makes him feel ridiculous. “Japanese trams (can) drink water, drinks, and alcohol. Some office workers leave work When I started drinking in the car, it was very clean!” Wuyang, a guest from Brazil, then complained that the Taiwan MRT has won the world‘s cleanest MRT for several years, so this regulation is necessary.

▲▼Yongtai said that Japanese trains can even drink, but the carriages are still clean. I wonder why Taiwan has a fasting rule. (Photo/Retrieved from YouTube)

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Wu Zongxian also said, why can’t the Taiwan MRT even drink water? Because its route is not long, it doesn’t matter if you don’t drink it all at once. “It (the journey) is at most half an hour.” His partner Wu Shanru also added that Japan only allows passengers to drink water and eat lunch because of the long route. .

▲ Wu Zongxian said that because the Taiwan MRT route is not long, it does not matter if you do not eat or drink. (Photo/Retrieved from YouTube)

Yongtai said that when she first came to Taiwan, because she didn’t understand the rules, she brought ice cream to the Beijie platform. Unexpectedly, she was stopped by the grandma on the side. She had to hold it with her hand and watched the ice melt. Wu Zongxian finally stated that Singapore’s subway also prohibits eating and drinking. Even chewing gum will be fined tens of thousands. Therefore, Taiwan’s regulations should not be considered absurd. It is understood that Singapore’s MRT station has an express order. If you eat and drink at the MRT station, you will be fined S$500 (about NT$10,000), which is quite staggering.

▲Yong Tai said that she didn’t understand Taiwan’s rules at the beginning, but she was caught eating ice. Wu Zongxian said that Singapore also has fasting regulations, and even chewing gum will be fined tens of thousands. (Photo/Retrieved from YouTube of Little Star and Big Follower)​

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