MRT explains the reasons for the increase in the budget of the phase 2 project to Rp 25.3 T


PT MRT Jakarta explained the reason for the rising cost of Phase 2 construction of the north-south Jakarta MRT from Rp 22 trillion to Rp 25.3 trillion. Silvia Halim, construction director of MRT Jakarta, explained that the cost of 22 trillion rupees was an estimate compiled in 2018 with the HI-Kampung Bandan roundabout route.

“The initial estimate of Rp 22 trillion has now become Rp 25.3 trillion. Why? The estimate of Rp 22 trillion is an estimate made in 2018. At that time it was still in the planning stage. At that time, the route discussed came from HI roundabout to Kampung Bandan Depot was also discussed at Kampung Bandan depot, ”Silvia said at the Jakarta MRT Journalists Forum in Wisma Nusantara, Central Jakarta, on Tuesday (9/20/2022).

Currently, he said, the location of the warehouse MRT Phase two was moved from previously planned in Kampung Bandan with a total track length of 7.8 km, to Ancol with a total line length of 6.3 km for phase 2A and 6 km for phase 2B. In other words, the cost of Rp 25.3 T is the actual contract value for the CP201, CP202 and CP 203 MRT projects.


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This is the main reason. Now speaking of Rp. 25.3 T, the latest estimate islast in the year 2022. Where we anticipated the continuation of Ancol, then the deposit was moved. Contracts CP210, 202 and 203 are already under contract, “she explained.

Jakarta MRT Phase 2 Budget Estimate Processing (Photo: Tiara Aliya / detikcom)

In addition, Silvia also admitted that her party was also facing an increase in project costs, where the average price raw material has increased by more than 50% since 2018 due to the supply chain crisis and high demand for post-pandemic recovery.

“So there it is supply chain problem we also know it together. In the years and this year’s peak. Because there is a pandemic factor, a war factor in Europe, especially when there is a spring crisis problem conductive material“He said.

“We are very high-tech, I mean signaling systems, telecommunications, automation, everything you need chip. When there is a spring problem conductor we have a direct impact cons, financing and time. Because this crisis not only makes it expensive, but it is time to carry it out chip longer. Everyone is fight to get the material product, “he added.

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