Mrs. Rossi is ashamed to see her son’s helmet design at the 2020 San Marino MotoGP: Okezone Sports

MISANO – The surprising response was given by the mother Valentino Rossi when commenting on the child’s helmet design for the 2020 San Marino MotoGP. Instead of praising Rossi’s mother, Stefania Palma, he admitted that he was embarrassed to see the helmet.

Rossi did use a helmet with a new design in the sixth series race entitled the 2020 San Marino MotoGP which took place last weekend. However, the image contained in the design is somewhat unusual.

The Doctor’s helmet – Rossi’s nickname – displays images of Viagra or strong drugs. Obviously, the mother felt embarrassed when she saw her son’s helmet.

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“Oh my God, with that helmet, I’m ashamed. It’s like when I saw a Skiffer (a female doll at Mugello 1997),” said Palma, as quoted by Corsedimoto, Friday (18/9/2020).

Even so, Rossi’s mother is still proud to see the appearance of her two sons at the 2020 San Marino MotoGP. For Rossi’s younger brother, Luca Marini, Palma has high praise. He was so proud because Marini was able to win in the series.

Meanwhile for Rossi, Palma still feels proud, even though his son failed to get on the podium. According to him, the action shown by The Doctor – Rossi’s nickname – was still fantastic because he was able to compete for the podium.

“Not sad, how can you be sad after seeing a race like this? I am pleased. For Luca, I like the way he races. But, Valentino (Rossi) also had a good race, changing the third or fourth a little, “said Palma.

Valentino Rossi

In the 2020 San Marino MotoGP event, Rossi did have to settle for only finishing fourth. He finished with a time of 2.643 seconds adrift of Franco Morbidelli who came out as the winner.

This result is of course an important asset for Rossi in undergoing the next race which will take place at the same circuit, namely Misano, on September 20, 2020. However, the race will have a different title, namely the 2020 Emilia Romagna MotoGP.

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