Mr. Anies! 3 Days, Daily Cases of Corona DKI Under 1,000

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Ministry of Health reported that this Sunday (18/10/2020) there had been an addition of 4,105 new cases of the corona virus (Covid-19), bringing the total positive cases to 361,867 people.

Of that number, DKI Jakarta still has the most daily additions, namely 971 people even though it is below the 1,000 per day figure. The number recovered 1,074 people, and died 17 people. The total Covid-19 in the area led by Governor Anies Baswedan is 93,356 cases.

Next, East Kalimantan with 382 people, with 211 people recovered and 2 people dead. Total of East Kalimantan 11,503 positive people.

Then Central Java 356 people, with the number recovered 392 people, and 3 people died. A total of 28,723 Central Java positive Covid-19.

As for the fourth position, the highest daily increase was Riau, with 284 people, with 112 recovered cases and 4 deaths. Riau total as many as 11,358 cases.

Finally, West Sumatra 263 people, recovered 107 people and died 2 people. Total West Sumatra to 10,700 people.

Last Saturday, (17/10/2020), DKI Jakarta also recorded cases under 1,000 for the second time this month, while in the other 15 days it was always over 1,000 people. Data from the Ministry of Health showed that there were 974 additional cases on Saturday.

As for nationally, Covid-19 cases are increasing 4,105 new casesso that the total positive cases became 361,867 people.

The number of recovered patients increased by 3,732 people to 285,324 from last Saturday. On this day there were also an increase in the number of cases of death by 80 people to 12,511 people.

To date, the corona virus has spread to 500 districts / cities in 34 provinces in Indonesia. The government is also still monitoring 159,715 people with suspicious status Covid-19.

[Gambas:Video CNBC]

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