Moving to Hamburg: You can now re-register online – free of charge!

Who knows? You just moved to Hamburg, you haven’t even unpacked all the boxes and you still have enough on your plate – and now you also have to deal with timely re-registration. According to the law, this must be done within two weeks of the move. It’s not that easy to get an appointment at a customer center near your new place of residence so quickly.

Eventually you went through the city and lost 12 euros. This is the fee for processing the new registration. The good news: you can save yourself all of this in the future. With the electronic residence registration (eWA) it will also be possible to re-register in Hamburg from the comfort of your own home – and it costs nothing. The online service was developed in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Communities (BMI) and is part of the federal digitization offensive.

Who can register online in Hamburg?

The eWA is not yet available to all Hamburg residents, but the service will be gradually expanded. Adult, unmarried people without minor children who move to Hamburg can already register online. According to statistics, 57 percent of removals in Hamburg are carried out by families belonging to this group of people. After the end of the pilot phase in 2023, families will also be able to use eWA. So it should be possible to re-register online even after moving to another city or municipality.

How does electronic residence registration work?

However, certain requirements must be met in order to be able to use electronic residence registration in Hamburg. You need a valid ID card with activated online ID function or an eID card (for EU citizens), a user account with mailbox, an NFC-enabled smartphone and the ID2 app.

Everything is ready? Then enter your new place of residence information online first. A code will then be sent by post to your new address. You enter it in the online service and you can then directly download your electronic registration confirmation and update the address digitally stored on your ID card. You will be sent a new physical address label for your ID. Simply cover the old address with it and complete the new digital registration.

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