Moving: no more calls to the SPCA

Even if the Montreal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) succeeded in flattening the curve for the abandonment of pets from 1is July, the organization is not ready to declare victory, having received more calls for help than in previous years.

More “dispersed”, these abandonments caused by a move began in May.

“We received a hundred calls from people who could not find accommodation to accept their animals. We received a few dozen animals, but it seems that people have better planned their move, ”said the director general, Élise Desaulniers, very happy to see that the masters seem to have found alternatives.

The SPCA launched a petition in April asking homeowners to show compassion and accept the presence of furry companions.

Soon, the organization also plans to add a tab on its website where those who will have to dispose of their animal can be paired with homes interested in adopting, to avoid an extended stay in a cage as is the case for Abby, 6 years.

“If the animal is healthy, sterilized, there is no reason why it should go to the shelter,” she concludes.

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