Movimento Mobilità Nurses Puglia replies to councilor Lopalco: “dearest there are 2000 colleagues ready to go down to the region tomorrow morning”. –

The Puglia Nursing Mobility Movement to the councilor Lopalco: “we are in 2000 and we are immediately available to give a hand to the Puglia homeland against the Coronavirus”.

The statements of the new councilor for health policies of the Puglia Region Pier Luigi Lopalco they made the Puglia Nursing Mobility Movement who reminds the politician and virologist: “you have 2000 colleagues who can be hired for the Covid emergency as of tomorrow morning, they are those of Mobility 2020 that you have never allowed to hire “.

Councilor Lopalco, after his statements on channel LA7, it is also remembered that he knows well that he has the 2000 Nurses suitable for extra-regional Mobility just completed, whose rankings were validated a few days ago and definitively after the usual appeals.

Therefore Lopalco from tomorrow morning you can activate to call from this ranking and avoid declaring untrue things on television.

“We are all Nurses who live and work in the North and who now have the possibility to go home – explain dal Puglia Nursing Mobility Movement – as evidenced a few days ago by FIALS Apulian and give it Orders of the Nursing Professions of Foggia, Lecce and Taranto. We are in his hands and we are available for immediate role play “.

Obviously, the clearances often denied by the healthcare companies to which they belong are also linked to mobility, but a political agreement between the Regions and the decided intervention of Ministry of Health and that of the Public administration to resolve the issue in the short term.

“Dear councilor Lopalco – they conclude from Movement – give us the opportunity to embrace our loved ones and make ourselves available to our fellow Apulian citizens in this period of terrible Pandemic; don’t keep turning a deaf ear “.

For further updates on this issue:

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Mobility Nurses Puglia: appeals rejected, here is the definitive ranking.

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