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Los Angeles (AP) – In his new film “Day Shift” Jamie Foxx has two unusual jobs – the Hollywood star plays a family man in the Netflix horror comedy who earns his living as a pool cleaner and as a vampire hunter.

The Oscar winner (“Ray”) is familiar with very different jobs. Before his career as an actor, he sold women’s shoes in a shopping center in Los Angeles, Foxx said in an interview with the German Press Agency. “I was good at it,” says the 54-year-old. He often looked at the feet of women walking by in front of the shop to guess their shoe size.

His “Day Shift” co-star, US actor Dave Franco, got his first job at a small video store when he was 14. Because he was too young to earn money legally, he was paid differently. “I was allowed to take home as many videocassettes as I wanted,” Franco said. “I watched everything and fell in love with movies, but I didn’t make any money from it,” the actor said.

Directed by JJ Perry, “Day Shift” (streaming service August 12) sees the duo hunt vampires in Southern California.

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