Mourning for William and Kate, the announcement moves fans

Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton announced on social media that they had suffered a bereavement, the two immediately received the embrace of the web.

A difficult time for the future rulers of England who have announced that they have suffered a bereavement through their Instagram profile @Kensingtonroyal, named after the house they live in London.

Kate Middleton and Prince William they announced that they had lost Wolf, their beloved dog who lived by their side for years, the protagonist of their wonderful family.

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Mourning for Kate Middleton and Prince William, the announcement from Kensington Palace

Kate Middleton and William: distance is added to anguish
Kate Middleton e William (fonte foto: GettyImages)

From the official profile of Kensington Palace the announcement of the mourning that hit the royal family was released: “Unfortunately, our dear dog, Lupo, died last weekend. He has been the focus of our family for nine years and there will miss him a lot.” In December 2009 for the first time Lupo entered the family of the future kings of England. William and Kate had wanted to welcome a royal cocker spaniel into their home which they gave an Italian name.

The puppy came from a litter raised by Kate Middleton’s mother, Carole, who is very fond of dogs. Wolf had joined Kate and William after the loss of Widgeon, their beloved black Labrador who died in 2007. In the royal family there has always been a great love for dogs, Queen Elizabeth herself cannot live far from her friends at four paws.

Wolf had been the protagonist of the shot of the paolemica, ‘fault’ of Kate Middleton and his love for photography. The future reigns has in fact immortalized little George on a plaid together with his friend Lupo, in the shot however the little one continues with a ice cream towards the dog. That was enough to spark a great controversy. In fact, many have accused the Duchess of Cambridge she has been accused of being unconscious and has been reminded that ice cream is bad for animals.

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