Mount Kerinci erupts, flights are asked not to approach the peak area


Mount Kerinci, which is located on the border of West Sumatra and Jambi provinces, suffered an eruption this morning. Residents are advised not to panic and not to believe hoaxes or fake news.

“People must not panic. Don’t believe the hoaxes, just trust PVMBG’s official information,” said BPBD Emergency and Logistics Chief W Sumatra, Rumainur, as reported by detikSumatraTuesday (6/12/2022).

He said that, from the results of the analysis so far, the impact of the Mount Kerinci eruption on residents living in the South Solok Regency area has been quite small.

“What leads to South Solok is very far. Even if it leads to West Sumatra, there are only people’s crops and it’s quite far from people’s settlements,” he said.

Even so, he still asked residents, especially those who were in the camps, to step up vigilance.

“Meanwhile, according to PVMBG directives, climbing is not permitted. Flights are also advised not to approach the summit,” he said again.

Watch the video ‘State alert again, Mount Semeru spews incandescent lava’:

[Gambas:Video 20detik]

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