Moundir and the Apprentis Aventuriers 4: A candidate is going to get married, discover her identity

While Julien Guirado and Marine, engaged, look back on the ceremony they lived in The Princes and Princesses of Love 3, a former reality TV candidate, is getting married. To find out who it is, little riddle! Known since she participated in Secret Story 10, with the secret: “I am an international car wash champion”, the young woman subsequently linked the programs. Indeed, we could find her in La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 3 or more recently in Moundir and the Apprentis Aventuriers 4. On the beach, she had teamed up with Marvin, her ex. So have you find it ? Easy right?

Yes, this is Maëva Martinez! Since the end of 2019, the young woman has found love in the arms of a beautiful brown, named Ju Havez on social media. Happier than ever, the couple decided to take a huge step. Indeed, on Instagram, the former reality TV candidate announced that her darling had just asked her to marry her. In caption of a photo, she wrote on this subject: “With all my being, I said yes. I love you”. This is news that should delight fans of Maëva unlike his ex, Marvin. In any case, congratulations to the bride and groom on behalf of all the editorial of melty. Otherwise, in the rest of the news, discover Illan’s new crazy project.


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