’s “Incredible Money-Saving Trick with Blue Stripes That Never Fails”


Finding a parking space is really a challenge in our cities: cars are increasing, spaces are decreasing, even for a fee. However, there is an effective system to solve the problem.

The solution is at hand, or rather at hand clic: if you are looking for a parking space or are preparing for an Easter of ‘Passion’, from this point of view, don’t worry.

Indeed, there is a method which is more and more infallible and that it is helping a lot of people out there to overcome this atavistic and often insurmountable problem citizen. What is it about?

We are talking about a trick per to park in Italian cities, where it often seems impossible to find a single hole for your vehicle. But how to do it?

The method that is really depopulating among the Italian population with decidedly increasing numbers refers to the surge in the use of new technological applications of parking. Meaning what?

How to park: here is the unsurpassed system

We’re talking about the famous app which, today, allow you to always find the best solution for you: managing to collect the information that interest you until you get the best parking at the lowest possible price.

parking meter-(motorzoom)
parking meter-(motorzoom)

Today in fact ours devicewhatever they are, they can access a real multitude of devices and applications which are able to provide all the news and the necessary information.

Position of the parking nearest, conditions Of payment, available spaces, timetables and tariff conditions: and all in real time with constant updates to blindly rely on.

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Citizens, therefore, once activated the app, based on geolocation they will be able to find out where the closest parking area is, the most convenient and practical one for their emergencies.

Parking app: here’s how to choose it

But how do you figure out which one it is app, among many others, which is really worth using? Beyond the reviews, there are still some very popular and, by now, quite a lot note time ago.


Among the most common for parking there is certainly myCicero, which represents a practical solution because you pay just for the minutes of actual parking and not by time slots as often happens instead.

Other solutions, however, are those related to Easy Park, which is an app that allows interaction with the mobile phone and works on all devices, regardless of the operating system.

It doesn’t end here: here’s an example Ponzie, or is an app available for Android e iOS which allows the use of the smartphone to pay for tickets but not only for parking, but also for public transport.

It’s still, ParkMan, which indicates the parking space and allows you to pay for the actual parking, or Tap&Park which also makes finding parking more convenient.

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