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Motorists are waiting for roads full of traffic jams in the summer

“There will be forty main closures in the Czech Republic during the summer, the most limited being, as always, the traffic on the D1. This year there will be the highest number of closures for the entire reconstruction period, it will be 70 kilometers between Prague and Brno, “Igor Sirota, spokesman for the Central Automobile Club of the Czech Republic (ÚAMK), told Práva.

Other closures are also on the main holiday routes, whether abroad or in the Czech Republic. “It is, for example, the construction of the České Budějovice bypass or three large closures on the main route to Germany on the Pilsen motorway. Other restrictions are on the Mladá Boleslav highway, “he described.

One hundred in Austria

“The situation is also complicated in Prague, where the coronavirus ‘helped’ road workers to launch actions that were not planned or to expand the planned ones. This mainly concerns the planned reconstruction of the Barrandov Bridge, when queues are already forming near it from the center, “Sirota continued.

According to him, those who head to the sea to Croatia via Austria must expect further delays in our territory, between Brno and Mikulov. “A bridge is being built at the Nové Mlýny reservoirs and traffic on the temporary bridge towards Vienna is started by traffic lights. You will usually stay there for 20 to 30 minutes, “he warned.

In Austria, there are restrictions only around Graz, but care must be taken to limit the speed to 100 km / h when bypassing Salzburg and other cities.

“Speed ​​is limited there to protect the environment, the population and reduce noise. All cars are measured automatically and the fine for exceeding the set speed is many times higher than we would expect. You are violating the regulation on the environment and human health, not traffic regulations, “warned Sirota.

Motorists should not be fooled by cars that travel much faster in these sections as well. These are electric cars that have an exception and can travel at a speed of 130 km / h.

It is not customary in Croatia to carry out larger motorway constructions in the summer season, and this will be the case this year as well. A positive for motorists is the fact that this year there will be no traditional increase in tolls by 10 percent for the main motoring season, so a driver traveling from the Slovenian-Croatian border to Split will save about 100 crowns on tolls.

Refuel in the Czech Republic

Fuel is one of the cheapest in the Czech Republic in the Czech Republic, and it is good to count on it when traveling abroad. For example, when traveling to Croatia via Slovakia and Hungary, it pays to refuel in the Czech Republic, drive through Slovakia, where petrol is about 3 crowns more expensive, and refuel a full tank in Hungary, petrol will be two crowns cheaper there than in our country.

Even if you choose to travel through Austria and Slovenia, it pays to refuel a full tank in the Czech Republic. Austria is more expensive by CZK 1.70 per liter, in Croatia you pay even more.

If someone decides to go to sea to Poland, they have to reckon with new regulations. “New regulations on police powers have come into force this year. As in the United States, after stopping by police, the driver must remain in the car and have his hands on the wheel. When a police officer tells you to get out, he can let you rest your hands on the hood, “said Sirota. However, the advantage of traveling in Poland is one of the cheapest fuels in Europe.

When traveling abroad, you often do not avoid paying tolls or highway signs. From this point of view, the above-mentioned Croatia should mean savings this year, while in Austria the price of motorway stamps rose only slightly by inflation.

You will pay CZK 268 for a ten-day motorway stamp there, and the equally valid stamp on Slovak motorways will be published there as well. In Hungary it is about 400 crowns and in Slovenia 450 CZK. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that Slovenia has a seven-day stamp, so when traveling to Croatia and back you usually do not avoid buying two stamps.

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