Motorcycle stunt goes horribly wrong, recordings ‘Mission: Impossible 7’ are stopped again

The cast and crew of Mission: Impossible 7 luck not really on their side right now. Yesterday a stunt with a motorbike did not go quite according to plan to say the least and as a result the film has to endure another delay.

The message comes from THE SUN who also reports that the whole situation is causing a second big blow after Covid-19 already dealt the first. A source behind the scenes explains ‘a calculation error’:

“This was a tremendous challenge to perform and cost a fortune plus weeks to build. Everything failed miserably on the day itself. The idea was that the stuntman would land on sturdy cushions of cardboard to absorb the blow while the engine would crash safely to the ground a few meters away. Unfortunately something was wrongly calculated “.

Arme Tom
“The heat and friction from the tires sparked and set the cardboard filler up in flames when the engine crashed. The smoke was so bad that they had to close a nearby RAF airfield. Fortunately, no one was injured, but it is a disaster that happened. It will take a long time. Tom is going crazy, nobody wants to delay even more and certainly not him “.

In short, production is once again ‘on hold’ until the area can be cleared safely and the total damage has been assessed. Pffffffffff.

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