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Motorbike driver (20) seriously injured in accident


Rifferswil ZH

A 20-year-old had an accident while overtaking in Rifferswil ZH.

Video from the scene of the accident.


A 20-year-old motorcyclist was seriously injured in a collision with a delivery van in Rifferswil on Friday evening. He was taken to a hospital with a rescue helicopter.

The collision between the motorcycle and the delivery van with a trailer occurred around 5.45 p.m., the Zurich cantonal police announced. The man was on his motorcycle on the Albisstrasse towards Albis.

The motorcyclist started on a straight line to overtake some vehicles. He had collided with a delivery van that had driven in the same direction and wanted to turn left into a dirt road.

The motorcyclist fell and was seriously injured. He was flown to the hospital on a rescue helicopter. Because of the accident, the road had to be closed in both directions.




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