Motor vibration can damage iPhone camera

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Apple warns users that vibrations of certain frequencies, including from high-power motorcycle engines, can damage the iPhone’s camera system.

“Exposing your iPhone to high-amplitude vibrations within a certain frequency range, particularly those generated by high-power motorcycle engines, can degrade camera system performance,” Apple wrote on its help page, quoted Sunday.

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The camera system in various iPhone models uses Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and closed-loop autofocus (AF). This OIS functions so that the image does not blur even if the user moves. OIS can be found on the latest iPhones, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 7.

Meanwhile, closed-loop AF works to set the focus on a still photo subject, as well as for video and panoramic photography.

This technology is available on the iPhone XS and above.

High vibration can damage gyroscope and magnets on OIS and closed-loop AF will thus have an impact on the quality of photos and videos.

Apple advises users not to directly attach the iPhone to a motorcycle with a high engine power so as not to damage it. Usually high vibrations are in chassis and handlebars.

While mopeds or scooters have a lower vibration amplitude than motorcycles.

Apple also recommends reducing exposure to vibration to reduce the risk of damaging the camera and using vibration dampers if you must attach your iPhone to a vehicle.

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Pewarta: Natisha Andarningtyas
Editor: Alviansyah Pasaribu


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