MotoGP Netherlands 2021: Superbike Rider Replaces Morbidelli


Franco Morbidelli definitely absent from the race MotoGP Netherlands 2021 due to injury. Team Petronas Yamaha replace FM21 with rider Superbike. Who is she?

Morbidelli suffered a knee injury after an incident in a training session on Tuesday (22/6/2021). The 26-year-old rider had to be treated and could not take part in the Dutch MotoGP race this weekend.

The Petronas Yamaha team immediately moved to find a replacement rider for Morbidelli. Yamaha appoints a racer from the United States, Garrett Gerloff, to fill Morbidelli’s position at the Assen Circuit.

Garrett Gerloff is an active rider in Superbike racing. The 25-year-old man has won the podium four times at the event World Superbike (WSBK).

This is not the first time Gerloff has been appointed as a MotoGP substitute. The Texas-born rider had a free practice session with the team Monster Energy Yamaha in MotoGP Europe 2020, replacing Valentino Rossi who are positive for COVID-19.

However, Gerloff failed to perform at the 2020 European MotoGP because Rossi was declared recovered from COVID-19 just before the race was held. Gerloff’s opportunity to show off in the MotoGP event finally came in MotoGP Netherlands 2021.

“I am very excited about this opportunity. I am not someone who runs away from challenges, so I am ready to compete on the track,” said Gerloff, quoted from the official MotoGP website.

“This will be a new circuit for me. I like to try new tracks, it looks fun, fast, and fits very well with my riding style. I can’t wait to ride the Yamaha M1 again, we’ll see,” he continued.

“I feel good and want to thank Yamaha and the team for considering me. It won’t be easy, but I will give my best,” he said. Garrett Gerloff.

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