Motocross of Nations 2022, the 75th edition has arrived and with it the most spectacular race of the season, Team Italy is reigning Champion and the trophy is played on the Americans’ home track in RedBud in Michigan, where yesterday they made it clear that want the trophy after a long fast, qualifying in 1st place with a 2 from Tomac, 1 from Cooper and a 2 discarded by Sexton, Italy struggles and hopes for excellent races for Sunday, Tony Cairoli scores a 9th, Adamo a 5th by Andrea Adamo and an 8th by Mattia Guadagnini. Who has surprised and is fighting with the USA is Team France which finishes second, Australia third and also Belgium could do very well! Today everything is possible, the result is decided at the last race of the day, the track will put the riders to the test, already yesterday there were many errors and various crashes, so follow the times in the INHABIT always on MxBars at this link!

The weather was good for yesterday, cloudy but it did not rain, challenging and fast track, we hope we can run at our best because last night it rained heavily and the WARM-UP and Final B ran in difficult conditions, at the bottom of the page you will also find the warm-up tests!


SUNDAY: 14:45 Final B warm-up, 15:15 Group 1 MXoN warm-up, 15:45 Group 2 MXoN warm-up, 17:00 Final B, 19:10 MXGP and MX2 (MXoN Race 1), 20:40 MX2 and Open (MXoN Race 2), 22:08 Open and MXGP (MXoN Race 3).

MOTOCROSS of NATIONS 2022 – USA – Qualifying results!

MOTOCROSS of NATIONS 2022 – USA – Qualifying results!


Race 1 (MX1 + MX2) – Classification

Race 1 way, holeshot for Eli Tomac and Geerts, followed by Renaux, Seewer, Evans, Prado, ours are Cairoli 10th with Adamo 11th!
Spain loses Farres in the rear and are also behind Anstie, Guillod, de Walf, Musquin 13th!
Tomac leads with Geerts who stays at a distance trying to get closer, but after three laps the American begins to stretch! Behind Cairoli passes seventh followed by Hunter Lawrence and Evans 5th!
Seewer attacks Renaux on Larocco’s Leap scrubbing him but Renaux returns the overtaking two corners later!
On the screen passes the graphics that USA in first place and Australia in second… ..but we are only at the beginning, there are still 17 minutes left!

Tomac starts to find lapped and has only 2 seconds ahead of Geerts, third Renaux, Seewer, Evans, Prado and Cairoli, Adamo 12th, Cooper 9th, Everts 11th, Musquin 14th!
Tomac manages to stretch again and has over 3 seconds on Geerts, Adamo relegates to 14th place, Cairoli holds up to 7th and in the meantime Seewer falls and does not lose positions …
The track is well marked after the first heat, there are 6 minutes left and the positions remain stable….
USA, Australia, Belgium, France, Italy, this is the provisional ranking….

Tomac shoots Larocco’s leap with ease and Geerts shows that the 450 knows how to carry it well, Renaux keeps Seewer at bay who is 13 seconds behind the Frenchman, but Tomac and Geerts have 34 seconds behind!
Last minute, Cairoli holds the seventh position, Adamo 15th and soon the last two laps will start….
Last two laps, Tomac and Geerts arrive to round Adam, Renaux has over 44 seconds off the two and Seewer over 1 minute!
Last lap and concentrated Tomac goes towards victory… Eli Tomac wins, second Jago Geerts and third Maxime Renaux! Cairoli 7th and Adamo 15th!

USA, Australia, Belgium, France, Italy, Holland, Germany and Spain!

Race 2 (MX2 + Open) – Classification

After race 2, holeshot by Mattia Guadagnini, according to Sexton, Jett Lawrence, Cooper, Hunter Lawrence, FErnadez, Munoz, Adamo 15th….
Guadagnini holds up well and is still in command on the first lap! Behind Jett tries to attack Sexton, Cooper defends himself and has Fernandez, Munoz while Hunter Lawrence misses and finishes 14th!
Adam is 16th, Hunter Lawrence is 17th, Musquin is 10th and Ferrandis is 14th!
Mattia takes a hit and is running well with spectacular times, he has an advantage of almost 2 seconds over Sexton and J.Lawrence but he makes some mistakes and saves himself for a corner!
Cooper holds up well in 4th place, Fernandez, Vlaandere, Kullas, Noren, Musquin and Ferrandis… ..Adamo sinks 17th… ..
Guadagnini arrives at 12 minutes of pure command… ..but now the mistakes begin and both Sexton and J.Lawrence are getting closer….
In fact, Sexton passes outside at full speed ………… .but after a while Guadagnini relaunches on Sexton and resumes the command… ..Sexton is not there and remains attached but behind… ..Jett follows and looks at the two….

Jett Lawrence attacks Sexton in a close range and also apologizes for the jump… .Guadagnini commands, there are 13 minutes left !!!
Lawrence studies and as soon as possible finds an opening and passes Guadagnini at the speed of light… ..Sexton approaches ……
Looking to the rear, Ferrandis recovers well and finishes 6th, Musquin is 10th, Adam 15th, Hunter Lawrence 13th… .but as we watch he slips and loses positions….
Less than 7 minutes …… USA, Australia, France and Italy ……
Sexton attacks and manages to gain speed in the very heavy ground… ..Mattia gives in for a moment but doesn’t give up… are 5 minutes left and Jett Lawrence commands….
Three minutes to the end, Ferrandis 6th, Jett Lawrence gains 11 seconds over Sexton and Guadagnini … Cooper is 4th, Fernandez 5th, Adamo 15th … ..

At the last minute and a half, the track is a single channel and few do Larocco’S Leap… .USA, Australia, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland….
Three laps to the end … ..after this heat we look at the rejects and we will understand we will be put … ..
Two laps at the end… ..beautiful race and the oars are pulled in the boat even if Guadagnini has to defend himself from Cooper who could get too close….
Last lap and it turns in 2 minutes and 14 or even more….
Jett Lawrence wins the second heat, second Chase Sexton and third Mattia Guadagnini !!!

Race 3 (MX1 + Open) – Classification

Last race of the day … 110% goes and the Americans want the victory … … Holeshot for Renaux but then Ferrandis passes, Sexton third, Prado, Seewer, Jett Lawrence, Tomac 11th, Cairoli 12th, Guadagnini 31st … …
Geerts and Evans have been blocked by contacts and start from the back… Tomac in the rear and cleans his glasses, the fight for victory is between the USA and France!
Cairoli closely follows Tomac and the Italian is 10th and 11th while Sexton studies Renaux in front and while the Frenchman doubles Larocco’s leap, Sexton shoots him all… .Ferrandis while he’s on the run….
Tomac puts the turbo and goes to seventh position while CAiroli remains 11th, Geerts is 24th and Guadagnini 26th!
Ferrandis on the ground and unable to restart immediately… ..he lost many positions… .passes Renaux and Sexton, Prado, Seewer, J.Lawrence, Ferrandis and Tomac….
The duel continues, Renaux and Sexton…. After 6 seconds J.Lawrence, Prado, Seewer, Ferrandis, Tomac, Fernandez and Cairoli with Guadagnini 26th!
After 15 minutes there are more, Jett Lawrence is noticeably close to Sexton and Renaux…. Could bring Australia to second place… .while Tomac catches up on Ferrandis!
Ten minutes to the end… ..Guadagnini recovers in the 21st, Cairoli 9th, but before the three-way fight approaches, Renaux, Sexton and J.Lawrence …….
Lawrence enters Sexton and goes to second position…. Now he has the French in his sights to bring Australia to second place overall!

Italy is currently in 4th place and that will be our place … but let’s not give up … the heavy and difficult terrain made the race spectacular, Renaux feels hunted by Lawrence … ..
Geerts from the last positions arrived in 12th position… .. Ferrandis passes Prado… .. Tomac is still recovering a few seconds… .Sexton stabilized in third… ..
Lawrence near and smells the Renaux exhausts, there is more than a minute to go… ..
It rains heavily … .. the ground becomes even heavier …….
End of regulatory time …. three laps to the end ………
Two laps at the end… ..Seewer under attack by Ferrandis… .Jett Lawrence seems to give up… ..Guadagnini 20th… ..Jett is dubbing him who no longer has his glasses… ..
Last lap… ..Sexton double Guadagnini… .Renaux firmly in command….
Maxime Renaux wins the third heat, second Jett Lawrence and third Chase Sexton!

America wins Motocross of Nations 2022 at RedBud!


… ..







HEATING MXoN 2022 Group 1

HEATING MXoN 2022 Group 2



MOTOCROSS of NATIONS 2022 – USA – Qualifying Highlights!


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