Motive for Murder Woman Found Dead in Krukut River because of Jealousy

Depok – The police arrested the perpetrator of the murder of a woman who was found dead in Krukut Times Depok, West Java (West Java), with the initials IM. The perpetrator with the initials FR (27) is said to have killed the victim because of a jealous motive.

Depok Metro Police Chief Kombes Imran Edwin Siregar said the discovery of the body on Thursday (30/6/2022) at around 06.00 WIB. The police also managed to arrest the perpetrators after carrying out the development of the case.

“So after being disposed of, this drifting corpse was found in Krukut Times. From that, we carried out developments and the perpetrator was caught yesterday evening on July 4 in the Brebes area,” said Imran at the Depok Metro Police, Tuesday (5/7/3022).

Imran said the motive for the perpetrators was jealousy. FR had seen a message from the victim’s male friend who mentioned the word love.

“This person in question is the girlfriend of the victim. The beginning of the quarrel and the murder was a matter of a chat from a man to the victim, there was the word ‘Honey, where are you?’ Well, it happened to be read by the perpetrator,” said Imran.

The perpetrator is said to have forced the victim to contact the sender to make sure. Shortly after, a verbal altercation ensued until the victim was killed by the perpetrator.

“Then the perpetrator forced the victim to contact the sender of the message, once connected the sender of the message turned off the phone,” he said.

“Then a verbal altercation occurred, the suspect took the victim to a hall or a hut, and the murder was carried out,” said Imran.

It is known that FR strangled the victim and threw the victim’s body into the river. The perpetrator had fled before the police finally made an arrest in Brebes, Central Java.

“Yes, after carrying out this murder the perpetrator took the victim’s motorbike and fled to Brebes. What was taken by the perpetrator’s confession was only the victim’s motorbike, and it was secured at a friend’s house. Then jewelry, cell phone the victim, the perpetrator threw it into the river,” he explained.

For this action, the perpetrator is subject to Article 338 of the Criminal Code on murder or Article 340 of the Criminal Code regarding premeditated murder.

“The threat is 15 years or life,” he concluded.

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