Mothers Bring Ducks Breaking Barricades of Police and Students, Officials: We Just Give – A mother carrying dozens of ducks on a motorbike managed to break through the barricades of police and demonstrators inside Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Thursday (8/10/2020).

The incident was confirmed by the Head of the Samarinda Police, Police Commissioner Nono Rusmana, who was leading his members to secure the action. demo minus Law minus Create Work.

“Yes, the name is mother-mother. If others can’t pass. He penetrated which students can we hold, “said Nono when contacted by, Friday (9/10/2020).

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The path is closed

According to him, Jalan Tengkawang to Jalan Teuku Umar had been closed due to student and labor action. But somehow, the mother was able to escape and enter the road.

Initially the mother broke through the student barricades. After that, the mother was confronted by a police barricade.

“But the person concerned appeared from the crowd of demonstrators carrying dozens of ducks behind his full motorbike. Yes, we just give them their names, “said Nono with a chuckle.

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The demonstration was riotous

In the video circulating in the community, the incident occurred when the demonstration was chaotic and tense.

The police had just dispersed thousands of protesters with tear gas fired in response to stones from the demonstrators.

The video of the mother’s courage became viral on social media.

(Author: Samarinda Contributor, Zakarias Demon Daton | Editor: Khairina)


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