Motherland in Kiev wants to change beyond recognition

What the petitioner dislikes

The author of the petition claims that this monument has “Soviet aesthetics”.

The petition was drawn up by Alexander Artyomov. “Motherland” in Pechersk is the tallest monumental structure in Europe and attracts tourists.

“But the original design and Soviet aesthetics of this building does not meet the modern political and ideological requirements of society. At the same time, its dismantling seems inappropriate, firstly, because it firmly blended into the outlines of our city, and secondly, for economic reasons,” reports Artyomov.

What suggestions?

The author of the petition proposes not to dismantle the monument, but to change it, they say, the sculpture looks masculine.

“Since this woman looks quite masculine, and also holds a shield and a sword in her hands, it will not be difficult to turn her into a statue of the Archangel Michael – the patron of our city. To this end, remove her breasts, replace the Soviet coat of arms with the coat of arms of Kiev and add wings. “, – wrote the author of the petition.

For reference

The Motherland is a monumental sculpture in Kiev on the right bank of the Dnieper. Located on the territory of the Museum of the History of Ukraine in World War II.

It was opened in 1981 on Victory Day during the Brezhnev era.



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