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Actress Dana Morávková (51) had to accept the fact that her son Petr (25) studies in England and therefore does not spend much time at home. Thanks to modern technology, however, they maintain a strong relationship. At the presentation of the new collection of her handbags, Dana spoke to the editors of eXtra.cz about how she evaluates her son’s relationship with his partner.

Popular actress Dana Morávková (51) presented another collection of Elega handbags, in which she is actively involved. Like a proper woman, she loves fashion and puts up with elegant accessories for her outfits. “Like any woman, I like to dress up. I’m going to suffer just for the handbags. I have been offered several times to design something else, but I will remain loyal to the Elega brand,” Dana confided to the editors of eXtra.cz.

Relationship with son

Petr Malásek Jr. studies in England and doesn’t get very warm at home. As a proud mother, Dana is handling the separation well thanks to the times we live in. “My son has not been in the Czech Republic for a long time, the last time I saw him was around Christmas and New Year’s Eve. But now is an easier time. You younger ones can communicate with us older ones via Facetime, so Péťa and I can actually call each other whenever she is free and I don’t have a performance.” Dana confided.

Petr is happily engaged, but his mother respects privacy. “Péta probably wouldn’t be too happy that I’m talking about it, but he has a girlfriend and she’s very nice,” ​she said regarding her son’s partnership. Regarding the young lady, Dana has already commented on eXtra.cz in the past. They spent time together at the festival in Karlovy Vary. “His missus came there to see him. I know her and she’s a very nice young girl, so I’m glad they’re both happy.” admitted the actress with a smile.

I will be a good mother-in-law

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Dana has already met her son’s partner and has a warm relationship with her. She admitted that she gives the young couple enough space to have their privacy. “I will try to be a good mother-in-law and, above all, I will try not to interfere in anything. I think that young people should be separately alone, they should live alone, but now everything is terribly expensive.” Morávková commented on her son’s future.

She also sent a long distance message addressed directly to Peter. “I promise you, Péťa, that I will try to be a mother-in-law who does not interfere in anything,” she added plausibly.

Gifts from my husband

She does not receive expensive handbags or clothes from her husband, as the composer Petr Malásek (58) has refined taste. He spoils his wife with gifts in the form of jewelry. “From my husband, I get some jewelry either for Santa or for an anniversary. Petr has taste, so it’s mostly beautiful jewelry,” the actress said.

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