Most Typical COVID-19 Symptoms to the Eye Sharpness Test

VIVA – Want to know interesting tips and tricks as well as articles about lifestyle and health. This can be found on the Lifestyle channel at Of course, there are many topics that can be chosen to read.

On Wednesday, 16 September 2020, Lifestyle is one of the most widely read channels. Articles related to the most typical COVID-19 symptoms, eye acuity tests, and zodiac forecasts are the most popular.

Intrigued as to what the articles in the Lifestyle column were like during Wednesday, September 16, 2020. Here’s the summary:

Not Flu or Cough, These Are the Most Typical Symptoms of COVID-19

Symptoms of a corona virus infection or COVID-19 with the common cold, are very similar because they are caused by a similar type of virus. However, the corona virus is certainly far more dangerous for the human body than the common cold.

Early detection is one way to speed up recovery and prevent complications. For this reason, knowing the difference in symptoms between the two is of course very important, because it can be the key to preventing or treating COVID-19 early on and protecting you from the risk of severe infection.

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It turns out that coconut water is not used to neutralize poisoning

Poisoning Food becomes a disorder that can cause serious problems if not handled properly. Food poisoning occurs because the food to be consumed is attached by a substance that makes a person sick, for example viruses, bacteria or fungi.

Food poisoning itself is generally characterized by vomiting and diarrhea. As explained by an internal medicine specialist, Dr. Irsan Hasan SpPD, KGEH vomiting and diarrhea are the body’s reactions to remove toxins.

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Eye Sharpness Test, What Number Do You See in the Picture?

Brainteaser like in this article, is always interesting to follow. Most people will be curious and want to know whether their answer is correct or not.

Regardless of that, brainteaser sort of thing is also useful for you, you know. You can be more observant in seeing something, as well as testing sharpness of the eye you. Is it still in good condition, or it is necessary to check with a doctor.

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4 zodiac signs are most capricious, can’t make decisions

Dealing with fickle people can be frustrating at times. One time said A, a few seconds later, he could have changed his mind, so these people are quite troublesome. People with Zodiac these are known to have these properties.

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Make Fat, Fruit Calories Equivalent to Daily Diet Needs

Fruits are often considered a type of healthy food because they contain high fiber. Instead of being beneficial for the body, some types of fruit are high in sugar and calories that trigger weight gain.

It was said by a clinical nutrition specialist, dr Feni Nugraha, M. Nutrition, SpGK, in the Healthy Living event at TvOne, fruit is indeed good for being a routine meal menu when diet. However, some types of fruit should be limited or even avoided.

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